wallpaper | Controversy over the advertising campaign on the occasion of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was one of the perfect excuses for big companies like Wallapop to seize the opportunity to run an advertising campaign with the aim of attracting customers. The problem is that sometimes some marketing ideas can get so out of control Hurt feelings.

The company that buys and sells the hottest products decided to run an ad campaign that consisted of a notice simulating a missed call from your mom saying: “Mother. Missed call. He’s inviting you to sell what you don’t use.” But what they did not count on was that their phrase, supposedly “attractive” to users, would have caused a lot of controversy on social networks.

Obviously, it may go unnoticed for some people, but it is true that it can be a very unfortunate message for those who cannot celebrate this day as they would like. This was the case of one Twitter user @yasbaa_ who expressed her displeasure upon receiving this message: “Leaving the cemetery after taking some flowers for my mother on the anniversary of her death, this comes to me. My heart shrinks. Broken. Your marketing strategy that doesn’t take orphans into account has ruined my day. More, if possible.”, Posted on his Twitter account.

controversy in networks

When Wallapop found out what happened to the user thanks to its spread on the networks, the company did not take long Apologize And commit to future campaigns, and reply with this message via SMS: We’ll take note of what you tell us so our marketing team can take this into account when launching new ad campaigns. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused ” Sending the company via text message to the affected party.

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Unfortunately though, there are many users who have expressed their disapproval of this campaign on social networks, which has caused a great deal of controversy on Twitter. users, in particular They criticized how much marketing and profits were prioritized, rather than considering how it would personally affect the message behind the campaign. Some of the answers were “You have to give a creative idea. And think of all the potential recipients of the letter” or “What else do I want my mom to call me.”

What is clear is that the target of those who encounter this type of campaign is the marketing teams Think twice before sending a message Very shocking on such an important day.

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