Vodafone Spain’s CEO, Coleman Dejan, has resigned and will leave the company on March 31

Earthquake in Vodafone Spain. The company’s CEO, Coleman Deegan, announced Thursday that He will step down as CEO on March 31, although he will remain a consultant on strategic projects of the Vodafone Group until the end of July, when he will definitely leave the operator. In any case, the process of finding a successor to Deegan is already underway.

It’s not the only change for Vodafone either, as it will become part of the European Telecom Group from Thursday, led by Serpil Timuray, who is also a member of the global operator’s executive committee. A movement they made as part of their efforts “simplification” of its structure and “accelerate” the return to growth.

From the communications sector, they also assess Deegan’s management over the past two years, which he has faced to the consequences of the epidemic And above all, at a decisive moment in the telecommunications market in Spain with the announcement of the merger between its competitors Orange and Másmovil. According to numerous reports, Vodafone spent months negotiating a possible union with the telecommunications company led by Meinrad Spenger, though no agreement was finally reached. In addition, the telecom company revolutionized the market last year, after announcing that it would link its prices to inflation in line with other markets in which it operates, such as the United Kingdom.

Specifically, from Vodafone, they indicated that Deegan had promoted A profound shift in business It focuses on looking for efficiency, streamlining operations, improving customer experience, as well as promoting a new business strategy and entering into new businesses.” They also added that the CEO of Vodafone Spain continues to make strategic decisions aimed at opening up new growth opportunities.

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Long career at Vodafone

Coleman Deegan already had 25 years in the company where he was beforeTo be CEO of Vodafone Spain on October 1, 2020. Specifically, he had taken on other responsibilities such as Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for the operator, financial management for Vodafone India and Vodafone Italy. In addition to being the CEO of Vodafone Turkey he undertook a strong business transformation and promoted digitization.

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