‘Viruddha Ahara’: Steer clear of those incompatible meals mixtures to stick wholesome

It’s rightly mentioned, “you’re what you consume”. Then again, you additionally wish to take into account whilst maintaining a healthy diet as sure meals mixtures can disturb the intestine and result in a number of well being problems.

As consistent with Ayurveda, each and every meals merchandise possesses distinct power, style and impact at the frame. Thus, you want to watch out whilst eating some meals pieces in combination. Ayurvedic physician Dr Dixa Bhavsar, not too long ago, shared some meals mixtures that you just must steer clear of.

“The literal that means of phrase viruddha is reverse. So, meals mixtures that can have — reverse homes (fish and milk); reverse actions at the tissues (fruit and milk); would possibly exert some undesirable impact at the frame when processed in a specific shape (honey when heated); would possibly exert unwanted results, when blended in sure percentage (equivalent quantity of natural honey & ghee); will have undesirable impact if fed on at mistaken time (consuming curd at evening) are referred to as Viruddha Ahara,” she defined.

Milk and fish

Milk must now not be eaten with fish as the 2 meals are incompatible. Milk is chilly and fish has a heating assets. Combining the 2 vitiates the blood and reasons obstruction of the frame’s channels (known as srotas).

“Salt and milk in combination is any other mixture that are meant to be have shyed away from because of adverse qualities within the two,” Dr Bhavsar mentioned.

Culmination and milk

Banana must now not be eaten with milk, curds, or buttermilk since the mixture can diminish digestion and convey toxins within the frame. Consuming this mix too can result in chilly, cough, and allergic reactions.

Heated honey

Heating honey destroys the enzymes that give a boost to the digestive procedure, therefore generating ama (toxins) within the frame when fed on.

Equivalent amounts of ghee and honey

Don’t combine equivalent amounts of ghee and honey as they’ve reverse reactions within the frame — honey has a heating, drying, scraping motion, while ghee has a cooling, moisturising high quality.

“When consuming ghee and honey in combination, combine in a bigger amount of 1 or the opposite,” she prompt.

Consuming curd at evening

Curds (yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese) are ideally suited to consume in wintry weather, however must now not be fed on at evening. In step with Ayurvedic textual content Caraka-Samhita (sutra 225-227), “curd is usually discarded in autumn, summer season, and spring.”

The Ayurvedic physician urged to “steer clear of mistaken and incompatible meals mixtures so as to cut back irritation, steer clear of pores and skin problems, autoimmune sicknesses and keep wholesome”.

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