virtual fraud | Latest WhatsApp scam: “Mom, I need your help with something”

From a romance scam that the National Police recently alerted, through its Twitter profile, comes a new scam spreading through the WhatsApp instant messaging app.

Specifically, it is a messageHi mom, my phone is broken. I have a temporary number. I can not call. Can you send a WhatsApp message via WhatsApp?” Although some variables with the same meaning can be sent. Therefore, anxiety of this type alerts you that take advantage of parents’ anxiety over their children’s condition. In fact, one of the victims was scammed into sending €18,000 through this method.

In this sense, the Burgos National Police sent the notification after receiving many complaints in the past few hours about this criminal type of fraud that uses WhatsApp to commit the crime. What should you keep in mind if you receive this suspicious message?

Step by step criminals

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The working method is as follows. The victim receives the written message via WhatsApp, in which the kidnapper confirms that he cannot make a call and thus avoids being caught because there is no audio hearing. Immediately in the message you can read the bank account number that the criminal sends, pretending to be his son.

He requests one or more transfers under the pretext that he is facing an urgent financial problem. In addition, on other occasions, as warned by the Burgos National Police, criminals call the victim to make the payment through international money transfer companies.

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