Viral Romance | Natalia and Carlio: The love story that revolutionized all of Tiktok

It comes to A love story born thanks to TikTok This has revolutionized the users. Two creators who didn’t even know each other a few months ago are now announcing their romance that users have been craving. Natalia and Carlio are finally a couple.

The volume started a few months ago, when Natalia Palacios told her followers one of the craziest ideas of her life: She was going to go on a trip to New York in full attendance. strange.

That was strange Carlos, another content creator who has also uploaded videos to TikTok. The young lady from Malaga was a fan of all of them and especially Carlio’s sense of humor and after an afternoon of laughing with a friend she decided to contact him by private message to Tell him how much he likes his content.

From there, the story took a totally unexpected turn. Carlos, who has been traveling the world for a while after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, tells Natalia that he has taken a flight to New York Very cheaply priced and the young lady didn’t think twice. He decided to go with him.

This is how it became what started with some private messages between strangers Journey to the other side of the pondwhere creators shared their experience through TikTok.

Rumors of their romance

In the following months, the two from Malaga began sharing more videos of each other. And not only that, they have taken trips to other countries where they tell their stories and their day every day.

It was from there when the users started create theories About a supposed love story between the two, but they did not confirm or deny the news.

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Finally, after many months of rumors and questions from their followers, they both decided to break the long-awaited news during their recent trip to Paris: Natalia and Carlos are a married couple.

Love started in New York

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The people of Malaga gave more details about their relationship with the vassals and admitted this Their love started during their first trip to New York.

From there, TikTok filled with accounts about the couple and edited videos about their love story. some users They confess to reliving the illusion of falling in love After thinking about this beautiful story that went viral on all social networks.

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