Viral makeup queen Nuria Adraos: “I haven’t worn a pencil since I was two years old”

Nothing new for humans to paint their bodies. We’ve been doing this since prehistoric times. We decorated little clay, ash, or charcoal to go hunting, confront a neighboring tribe, or celebrate a ritual. the ‘Body paint’as we now call it in the West, was One of the first forms of human expression. From pre-Columbian cultures to the present day, it has evolved a lot, and today it is one of the most successful artistic wonders on screens that we all carry in our pockets. For this reason, TikTok has just realized the feature in the past few years For You Fest Awardswhich was held last month, on one of her profiles with the most followers in the fashion and beauty category.

in the back of Make-up by Nuria Adraos Do you Young makeup artist Of the same name, born in Valencia in 2000, which he achieved in less than two years Almost five million fans Who remain fascinated while nailing with pencils and brush some characters from Disney, from the Pixar factory or from Tim Burton.

The bust is not a blank piece of paper, the skin moves and has shadows and patterns, like the collarbones or the chest. The difficulty is much greater, especially since Adraos does it In front of the mirror with handswithout tricks or gimmicks. His videos are amazingly imaginative.

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Why spider? Why can’t we track butterflies? 🕷️⚡️

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“late An average of eight or nine hours On each of my makeup,” says the artist, who came to TikTok by accident and because of the pandemic. She’s happy with the award, but for her the award is being able to keep doing what she loves.” And he insists.

Artist from age 2

And this was the case before the arrival of social networks. Because Nuria has been drawing since before she can remember. “I haven’t put my pencil down since I was two. At that age I held a pencil really well,” she continues proudly, because apparently everyone in her family is like that, “very artists.” “My father draws well, he carves wood well … He is a carpenter. My mother sews, she made me a dress.” [de satén rosa, a juego con la melena ‘pink’ de Nuria] For a TikTok party. My sister also draws really well.”

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No genius is too great 💙

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She also came to makeup early, at the age of eleven. “We’ve performed The Broadway musical Cats And some students came to do our makeup, and took off all the tools… I’ve always loved art, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, but when I saw that makeup could be a job, it was clear to me. I came home and told my mom, ‘he recalled. She gave him a bag of paints and when he finished ESO he got a middling in aesthetics. He started working and pushed for a master’s degree at an academy where he ended up teaching.

Happy has arrived pandemic, which in his case was the right spark, at just the right time. “I recorded day after day. It was the only way to deal with confinement. I put on makeup and took pictures and videos for pure entertainment. I tried networking, I opened a YouTube channel. But it didn’t work,” she recalls.

“Back then everyone was on TikTok but I didn’t want to, I’m very against it. But my mom opened an account to do a challenge and then I thought I could upload my videos,” he says. “I figured I didn’t have to cut and paste them, and they just modified themselves…and that’s how it became My new work tool“I would come home from work at half past eight and start making videos,” admits maquiladora, who had to stop teaching. He didn’t give me life. I took a rep and jumped into the pool.”

Millions of views

His videos were viral from the startand some have overtaken over time 18 million views. “Each time I updated I got 100,000 views, 100,000 more followers… something that never happened to me on Instagram until I Cabronazi shared my video of Scar,” recognize. From 5,000 followers, she has moved on to nearly 400,000 on this social network, which she uses as a repository for Pictures of his “finishing” work on TikTokWhere in addition to showing the drawing process with Aqueous or cream make-up It usually interprets and gives voice to the characters, eg Ursula, from “The Little Mermaid”; Maleficent, Spongebob, Shrek, Cruella or Stitch. Reply to @santyconygriega original sound –

“Cartoons drive me crazy,” says the young woman who leads her clips with an a “Cinnamon sticks, baby.” or a “let’s get some haha”favorite mottos of the make-up artist, who now rehearses in theatre. “I like being an actress.”In her own words, despite being a creator she “gets paid very well and you’re also your own boss,” she admits.

“without filters”

From time to time, he also uploads a video for traditional make-up (“I have a foolproof trick to making it look like you’re wearing it snouts:: Watch the next clip), removing her makeup (“People freak out too”), her new 2023 diary with her photo, or simply “I’m chatting, ’cause I don’t have filters,” she says. Other times, it shows him Advertising campaigns for Pepsi, Prime Video, Disney+, or their shadow palettes.

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Very simple makeup tutorials 🫶🏼

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She’s used to it Draw backwards in front of a mirror, which is now very difficult for him to do on paper, like ordinary mortals. used for some of his creations Prosthetics and wigs which she does herself. But if you had to decide which one is more expensive, it’s precisely “ultra-realistic graphics,” like the ones Stealing money [“mi primera Nairobi parecía Paz Padilla”, reconoce] Or that of Harry Potter.”

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due to the success of the series Netflix “Wednesday”now one of his most recent works [y lleva más de 300 en total]that young goth of the Addams Family, has risen among his most viewed “songs”. La casa de papel ♥️ #tiktoktalent #artistatiktok #talentotiktok #nuriaadraos #nuriaadraosmakeup ♬ La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) – My Life is Going On – Main Theme – Geek Music

The person who has been accessed in these networks by people like “YouTuber” Andrea Comptonor “streamers” like AuronPlayAnd IlloJuan As for Plains of eBay, denies sacrificing the creator’s job. “Yes, it is hard, because there are times when there is a lot of work, like Christmas. But though I am devoted all day, I am not digging in the mine or sweeping the streets. The only thing you sacrifice is your mental healthnotes the artist, who admitted that she had already suffered from anxiety before uploading videos to TikTok and that He needs therapy” to manage all of this, having a lot of followers and not believing you are Lady Gaga; management that everyone can comment on you, very ugly comments; Knowing how to say “no” to what works…, so as not to lose yourself or your principles. For many, I am no longer Nuriya, the make-up guru, but Nuriya, the celebrity.

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