Violence, Sexual Ambiguity, Marxism, and Nazism: Considered Arguments of All Kinds Against Mazinger Z

The huge success it was released Mazinger Z On TVE at the end of the seventies, which we have already mentioned in this paper, he soon accompanied him Strong criticism was expressed from various quarters Spanish society. On July 13, 1978, in the Letters to the Director section of the newspaper CountryA reader deplores: TVE, that unceasingly harmful lightning, expands its domains, and children, of course, cannot cease to be one of her favourites. If programming has always been disastrous, it has recently sharpened its steel claws to dispatch the unimaginable Japanese mechanical monster Mazinger Z, where a whole host of violence, destruction, mania, and aggressiveness come together, seemingly coveting and ruthless school for posterity. . What would Parliament expect to control middleware programming that belongs to all of us (since we all pay for it) and that, for the time being, is little different than when it comes to one?

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