Violence hangs over France for the fourth day in a row

Emmanuel pleas Macron To the “responsibility” of families and social networks accompanied by publication 45,000 gendarmes and policeThey never prevented the spread of street violence and vandalism in the heart of Paris and dozens of major cities across France from Friday night to Saturday.

In the heart of a city ParisIn the Plaza de la Concordia, the old Revolution Square, where the guillotine was erected, in 1793, hundreds of demonstrators clashed with the forces of the regime who had to go to great lengths to disperse them early on Friday night.

in Marseilleone of the most dangerous cities in France vandalismthe violencethe fires They had amazing proportions in the middle of the night. 50 people were arrested in just two hours of the crisis.

in StrasbourgAppel and Zara stores were looted in the late afternoon, making for a long and very restless night.

in LionsPermanent media channels broadcast scenes of chaos and fires in the center of the capital and in the suburbs.

in ToulouseThe famous Plaza del Capitol and Merrill neighborhoods witnessed tensions, violence and serious clashes with the forces of the regime.

in bordeaux, A police station was violently attacked and riot police had to resort to water cannons to neutralize scenes of vandalism.

in ToursSeveral large shops were attacked and partially looted before the state security forces could restore order.

Twenty-nine military helicopters were mobilized Throughout French airspace, to attempt to provide logistical support to mobile units deployed in all provincial capitals.

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In the northern cities and suburbs of Paris, the “suburb”, the forces of order managed to impose a relatively unstable order until midnight, when a relative and combustible calm reigned.

army to “restore order”

According to a poll by the news channel, 70% of French people would support the use of army to “system recovery”. According to a poll conducted by the daily newspaper Le Figaro, 75% of French people would support a declaration Emergency National.

Emmanuel Macron has In “examining” both alternativesfor twenty four hours. In a statement addressed to the entire nation, the President of the Republic did not say anything about such a possibility, and only demanded “responsibility” from families and social networks, which play an important role in spreading news related to the Arab Republic of Egypt. Spread of violence and vandalism.

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