video games | The book Immortals of Aveum details the functions and mechanics of the magical spell system

Electronic Arts continues to work on polishing and purification.Immortals of AviumAt least that’s what the battery of distributed shooter-based materials proves. In fact, from the developer Ascendant Studios, who will publish the work under the EA Originals label, they explain in more detail how the game’s attack system works, which will be based on elements that interact in different ways with each other.

Magic and sword war

According to its creators, the world of Aveum that serves as the backdrop for the production is going through a great war involving as many as five kingdoms on the edge of the abyss. Players will enter the scene to control the designs of Jack, a magician who joins an elite group to master the three colors of magic; blue, green and red. Born helpless, the protagonist is what is known as a “random”, someone who unexpectedly displays magical abilities later in life.

Well, in “Immortals of Aveum”, red spells will be used in melee combat and provide explosive effects, while blue spells will ensure greater accuracy at long range. Attacks that match green have the ability to teleport, which increases the player’s chances of hitting targets. Along these lines, the developer explains that players will have to frequently switch between the three attack options, as enemies will be granted resistance to specific types of attack.

Strategic combat

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Magic actions and their various items will also be used to solve various puzzles and even in the most demanding moments a powerful attack that combines the three different colors can be used. According to Ascendant Studios, players will have access to a total of 25 spells and 80 talents divided into three different progression trees. A rigorous single-player experience (at least at launch), it promises to take the fantasy saga through 12 different biomes. For this, they had a cast made up of famous voices like Darren Barnet (“I Never Did,” “Road House,” “Gran Turismo”) as Jak, or Gina Torres (“Suits,” Pearson “,” Firefly”) as General Krakan.


Immerse yourself in first-person magical combat, master the three colors of magic to suit the way you play, discover how to customize your powers with 25 unique spells, and immerse yourself in an epic story-focused campaign. You are Jack, an unlikely triad caught in the perpetual war. Jak and the elite of the Order of the Immortals must protect magic and stop Sandrak from causing the disappearance of Aveum… video game file details that, with versions confirmed for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, will hit stores this August 22nd general.

Immortals of Avium – In depth

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