video games | Shigeru Miyamoto believes that Mario has evolved in a similar way to Mickey Mouse

While this decade’s iconic Mickey heads toward his 100th birthday, Mario isn’t even 40 yet. But for Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of one of the greatest icons to emerge from video games, the mustachioed plumber manages to rival in popularity with Disney’s mouse when we point to the evolution of both characters.

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In a statement to Screen Rant, Mario’s father, Miyamoto, said: “There was a time when Mario was compared to Mickey. At the time, I thought Mickey Mouse was 40 years older than Mario, so he didn’t have any chance. But Mickey is through the cartoon.” And at the same time, in a way, we have the idea that Mario is also evolving through digital media. With every new technology and hardware we release, it’s the Mario game that’s part of the same evolution process.” Mickey and Mario are two very important characters in their circles. The reference Disney character, created in 1928, would shape cartoons for decades to come. Likewise, Mario and his video games have also set many benchmarks for the industry that have remained in the years since his debut.

It’s also a great movie

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As Shigeru Miyamoto argues, both characters have evolved far beyond their initial principles. Mickey Mouse moved from black and white animation nearly a century ago to vivid 3D environments, and has on several occasions made the leap – successfully – to video games. After initial deliveries, in 1996 Mario stopped searching for the princess in 2D and revolutionized the industry with “Super Mario 64” and determined to continue reinventing himself. Another point in common when it comes to Disney and Nintendo is that they both have theme parks, which completely separates them from the medium for which their creators created them. Now with the Italian plumber’s new debut in theaters (who remembers the 1993 movie?), the Japanese entertainment company’s franchise character has crossed another line, becoming the highest-grossing video game movie in its history.

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Super Mario Bros movie

The adaptation produced by Illumination Entertainment studio, which follows Chris Pratt’s Mario as he joins Princess Peach to save his brother Luigi, and the Mushroom Kingdom itself, from Bowser played by Jack Black, has grossed well over $500 million at the box office worldwide, surpassing other successful films. such as “Detective Pikachu & rdquo;” frenzy & rdquo; “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” and the current runner-up is “Warcraft” which added $439 million at its premiere.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie – Final Trailer

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