video games | Microsoft Flight Simulator Opens Its Expert Series With ATR 42-600 and ATR 72-600

Microsoft Flight SimulatorDeployment of the first batch of a new series of aircraft with highly accurate configurations calledExpert Series& rdquo;. The ATR 42-600 and ATR 72-600 aircraft were launched together and arrive with the goal of providing the most realistic flying experience. ATR, short for “Regional Transport Aircraft” was developed in French and Italian through the joint efforts of Aerospatiale (today Airbus) in France and Aeritalia (now Leonardo) in Italy.

These are its properties (at least hypothetically)

Model ATR 42-600

The 42-600 is a twin-engine, high-wing turboprop airliner that seats 50 passengers. It made its first flight in March 2010 and entered service in late 2012. It has a distinctive appearance with elegant lines and curves, and has strong airborne performance and is capable of operating from a variety of airports. It is an advanced iteration of the ATR 42, a family of regional jets first launched in the early 1980s. Due to the number of seats in the original version, the aircraft was designed to use an efficient airframe optimized for passenger lines. Operated by a two-person flight crew, the 600-42 features an advanced and spacious cabin compared to its predecessors. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127XT-M engines, each providing 2,400 horsepower for a 6-blade propeller. Although the 42-600 is not classified as a STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) aircraft, it has excellent short range and high altitude performance, with a takeoff height of 3,631 feet at sea level, fully loaded. It has a range of 835 miles and a cruising speed of 345 mph. The ATR 42-600 comes with layouts: ATR House Livery F-WWLY; Air St. Pierre; F-ORLB; Silver Airlines N405SV

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ATR 72-600

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The 72-600 is the most refined version of the ATR 72, an extended version of the company’s ATR 42 family of aircraft. The airframe features an improved cockpit layout and an advanced multi-panel cockpit to improve pilot efficiency. It is a high-wing turboprop regional airliner that made its maiden flight on July 24, 2009 and entered service in 2010. It is crewed by two people and can carry up to 78 passengers, although its standard configuration is only 70 seats. While it operates primarily as a passenger vehicle, the 72-600 has also been used by various countries’ militaries for naval patrol and logistical support. Although it was designed and used as a short-haul vehicle, its shape reflects sportiness and performance. It has a long smooth body, T-tail tail and has a high aspect ratio main wing with a slight leading edge sweep. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127XT-M turbofan engines, each delivering 2,750 horsepower using standard six-blade Hamilton propellers. The ATR 72-600 has a range of 850 miles, a service ceiling of 25,000 feet above sea level, and a cruising speed of 320 mph. Arrives with five skins: ATR House Livery F-WWEY; Silver Airlines N703SV; Air Tahiti “RA’IREVA & rdquor; F-ORVV; Air Tahiti “TAPUATA & rdquo; F-ORVR; Air Tahiti “You are ANUANUA & rdquor; F-ORVT.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Expert Series 01

Just remember that “Microsoft Flight Simulator” is available for Xbox Series X | S and PC with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Windows and Steam, as well as on Xbox One, mobile devices, tablets and PC with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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