video games | Exoprimal: These are the tools that will allow you to survive and rise to victory

Capcom has distributed unreleased material from ‘exoprimal‘, the upcoming online team-based action video game, in which the developer introduces some samples of formulas intended to interfere with the opposing team’s progress in combat. Although the title will focus on PvE (player versus environment) battles, in some of its modes, you will also have to face off against an opposing team in order to become the winner.

The movie takes place in the year 2040, and the title encourages us to take part in wars orchestrated by advanced artificial intelligence. Among the variants, the main game mode “Dino Survival” proposes teams of five players to compete to complete objectives while defending themselves against hordes of dinosaurs to survive. The developer promises that each game will be different from the previous one, while players will be able to change exoskeletons and tactics at any time as new challenges appear. Along the way, story sequences and rewards for customizing clothes will be unlocked.

Neosauruses and Dominators on stage

As the new data shared by the company indicates, one of the central elements in the game will be “Neosaurs”. These creatures appear at specific points on the map and must become the center of attack for the teams: whoever manages to eliminate them first will greatly harm the interests of their opponents. However, “Exoprimal” does not only grant characteristics and rewards to those who lead the race towards the end of each stage. Those at a disadvantage will have access to “Dominators”, which are a type of giant dinosaur that appears in the middle of rival space and that the player can control (for a certain period).

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Dinosaurs are back soon

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The two resources revealed by Capcom can be used on different maps of the game, although using them effectively means knowing very well the ability of each class and the right moment to deploy it. In the scenarios that have been shown so far, you can see how players need to run to eliminate creatures quickly, and finally, face their opponents directly in an epic final battle.

Exoprimal Survival Guide – Trailer

If you don’t like sharing the virtual space, don’t worry, because according to the Japanese developer, those who prefer not to encounter real players in the commercial version of the game will also have this option. The title will arrive on July 14th for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X| S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. After launch, the developer promises new challenges and armor options for the game, as well as a special collaboration with a series from the same publisher as Street Fighter. The collaboration promises to turn Ryu and Guile into Exosuit skins that can be equipped when you hit the streets of Bikitoa Island.

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