Video | Environmental group throws tomato soup at Van Gogh’s sunflowers

Two members of the environment group Just stop the oil He threw tomato soup on the plate on Friday sunflower Vincent Van Gogh On the London National Galleryone of the five versions displayed in museums and galleries around the world, as can be seen in many videos posted on social networks.

In a tweet, police reported that activists from the Just Stop Oil organization threw a substance at the painting and then “smashed into a wall. Both were arrested on charges of criminal tort and gross trespass.“.

Wearing T-shirts bearing that organization’s name, the protesters threw two cans of famous Heinz tomato soup over the 1888 work, before kneeling in front of the painting and I stick her hands on the wall below her.

Tomato soup has been thrown onto the plate, it is covered in glaze, and some areas of the plate’s frame are gilded.

After the accident, the museum room was closed for security reasons and visitors were expelled

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One of the activists called a resident of London Phoebe PlummerThe 21-year-old shouted in front of the famous painting: What is worth more, art or life? Is it worth more than food? Does it deserve more than justice?

He stressed, “What worries us more, protecting a plate or protecting our planet and our people? The cost of living crisis is part of the cost of the oil crisis.”

“The agents quickly arrived at the scene at the National Museum” and later arrested the activists on charges of damaging balls and trespassing, the Metropolitan Police said.

The copy of “Sunflowers” displayed in the National Gallery in London, one of five copies painted by Van Gogh, was painted in Arles, southern France, in August 1888. The work shows fifteen sunflowers standing in a yellow vase on a plot. wallpaper of the same color.

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