Victor Manuel | The Love Story That Inspired the Song “Only Thinking of You”

Eight greats of current Spanish music record a new version of Victor Manuel’s song, inspired by the relationship of a disabled couple from Brumi in Cabra (Córdoba)

After forty-four years Victor Manuel I will compose the song I only think of youThey can still be seen together holding hands in the park Mari Luz Castro Jimenez and Antonio Roldán Molero. The song that gave the Asturian singer-songwriter the most fulfillment, was included on his album I heart stretched out to the sunAnd He was born in Montilla, on the way to Aguilar de la FronteraWhere he was going to give a concert.

There, in 1978, he reads at the hotel A.I Report CÓRDOBA newspaper, a media of the Prensa Ibérica group, as well as this newspaper, to journalists Sebastian Cuevas and Lula Galán about Center for the disabled As the intellectually and physically handicapped were called at the time, they were stopped when referring to a HusbandMari Luz Castro and Antonio Roldán, who hold hands at the end of their working day in Broome Center in goat (Cordoba) She was walking in the garden.

Now this love story is back in the news as it once went on record A new version of the eight greats of current Spanish music as they are Amaral, Andres Suarez, Danny Martin, Ivan Ferrero, Jorge Drexler, Rosalyn, Santi Balmes (from Lesbian Love) and Boys from Sidonywho have gathered to interpret this classic of Victor Manuel in order to honor him on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday, and to give up the economic benefits of it Converted to Promei Foundation After premiering on July 7th it is now available on various digital platforms.

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A relationship that was born timidly in 1977 in this Brume center in Capra, where Marie Luz and Antonio, today at 67 and 70 years respectively, arrived as she watched a young man sit on her at the end of her life when she was doing needlework. Work day. In the carpentry shop, it is shown to him Love demonstrations.

“He sat beside me and little by little love was born”, Refers to Marie Luz, born in Córdoba And she grew up in La Guijarrosa, with the joy that marked her while Antonio, who had primary Alzheimer’s disease, always watched her with a smile on his lips.

They reached this center at about the same time. He was in 1976 from his native Antequera and she a year later.

the official kinship For two and a half years, the friends had a happy ending on November 24, 1982, when They got married in a church downtown. Thanks to the commitment and support of Promei founder Dr. Juan Perez Marin And her brother, “Priest José”, but not before, before the same bishop of Córdoba, showed Marie Luz and Antonio that their love was true and true “so that there would be no problems”, as Marie Luz points out.

Then they came three children, the youngest of twins. The eldest is 40 and one of the twins is 34, since the other died a few years ago. They reside in the city of Genis in Seville, where they arrived as children to be cared for by Antonio’s sister and who visit them regularly in that city or in Cabra itself.

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A relationship like that of any family, the one they have when they see each other and where they don’t miss out after being grandparents, “because it’s up to them,” say Marie-Luz and Antonio, who wear Quiet and comfortable life in Broome. She is involved in the dressing and stuffing of garlic or almonds with olives in the department at Broome. In the same way, taking part in all the cultural activities that Celia organizes, observing her, especially in the theatre, since I was little “I was very theatrical”.

Antonio is already on his side retired وHe spends part of the day with one of his biggest hobbies, namely Gardenswhile observing the plants and gardens where they both sat on one of their benches 44 years ago after finishing their day’s work.

Today mary luz and antonio from They cannot live without each other And the? Remain true to the message I only think of youAnd They are very grateful to Victor Manuel, whom they see from time to time at an event or when he is close to the center, because, as she says, “the song allowed us to show that people like us, with disabilities, have Same rights To live a life like others.”

And despite all the years since her history became known and she worked to make it visible in Spain in the late seventies and early eighties, Love only grewWell, Mary Luz, more talkative than Antonio, expresses with a smile and joy that “we love each other more than ants”, assuring that they have reasons to be happy.

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Something in which it coincides with what Victor Manuel has expressed these days on social networking sites on the occasion of recording the new version of I only think of you.

the satisfaction

The singer-songwriter notes that this song is “the song that gave me the most personal satisfaction and you still find someone to thank you for, because the song is at that time.” Contribute to highlighting intellectual disability“.

For that, he was curious to talk about “two boys with problems, period, nothing,” reviewing a library of newspaper and record label promotional papers since the song’s 1978 release. It was “because at the time The disability was not visible How is she now “.

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The story of Mary Luz and Antonio He never stopped giving me joyVictor Manuel concludes, “Because they are the ones in the song and they are the inspiration for it.”

Asturian’s heart fully stretched out to the sun, like the album on which this song was included and which, somehow, rocked with this wonderful love story.

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