Victor Manuel: “I don’t like Slomo, I think it’s rubbish”

Q. “La vida en canciones” contains 59 songs from your entire career. most popular?

R was found. I also wanted there to be songs that weren’t as lucky or rare as I don’t want to be a military. A song from 1972 whose lyrics appeared in the magazine new force. I went three years without being able to release my songs.

Q: Since those times, “I Want To Hug You So Much” (1970) has been a hit. She exuded a gritty eroticism for the times.

R was found. In addition to love, the song initially had sex, and was banned from Bishops’ broadcasts, at COPE. I remember once, at a radio station, there was a priest on duty watching and, with a pen, he marked the disk from one side to the other so that it could not be broadcast.

P. saved him from that “Only Thinking of You,” a commercial bombshell from 1978.

R was found. I came from the desert and wanted to go back to selling records. We already had the Constitution and she greeted me like I was starting over, gave me awards for revelation artist and things like that.

Q: I was affiliated with PCE, with Ana Belén. Do you think they reached the public through political sympathy?

R was found. We don’t regret anything from that time. When you start singing, you know that not everyone will like you, and you choose. My first album, based on traditional Asturian music, could be liked by anyone, left or right, but then I really started talking about things that might get me into trouble. This country is very cornered if you have political views.

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Sabina recently said that she is no longer on the left, which caused an uproar.

R was found. Sabina is very untrained because she does not give interviews. His mouth temperature rose and he said what was on his mind. What seems wrong to me about what he said is that he generalized the left in Latin America, when Bolivia, Nicaragua, Chile and Brazil had nothing to do with each other. It seems to me a little insignificant. I’ve known for a long time that there are leftovers that are drinkable and others that don’t interest me at all. Things got worse in Cuba many years ago, and Sabina didn’t seem to notice it, because she kept going there as if nothing had happened.

Q: You recorded your first album in Barcelona with Belter, when the recording industry was concentrated here.

R was found. Belter was an unviable company that stole from artists and never paid you what you were worth. They told me they could send me to Eurovision and I said no, how could they think of it. He could have gone in 1970, instead of Julio Iglesias.

Q: Have you been asked to go to Eurovision more times?

R was found. Anna yes. The year Remedios Amaya ended up Who drives my boat? (1983). But we have always been clear. What do we draw there?

Q: What do you think of the current ‘revival’ of the festival and all that the Benidorm Festival generates?

R was found. It is a show that has more to do with theatre, lights and dances than with music. The music is as tacky as what gets thrown to you on the radio.

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Q: Do you distinguish between culture and entertainment?

R was found. I love culture to entertain, but also love smart songs. I like telephonyby Jorge Drexler. I do not like it slo mo. It seems to me like nonsense.

Q: We recently lost your friend Pablo Milanes. This album he produced, Querido Pablo (1985), with Ana Belén, Sirat, Ott, Miguel Rios, Chico Buarque, Mercedes Sosa and even Silvio Rodriguez, pioneered the duet album format.

R was found. Well, when Pablo heard the record, he texted me: “This is rubbish, it’s the least Cuban thing I’ve ever done.” I told him that if he wanted to make a Cuban record, I would go to Cuba, not London, which is where I went to work with Jeff Westley. Fifteen days later, another message from him: “Brother, you heard it well, what a good record, what a wonderful & mldr; & rdquor; Pablo was like that. He realized that I wanted to record pop music with him.

Q: Starting in the 1980s, left-wing artists like you were seen as a new “establishment”. They seem to have created a clan and system of work.

R was found. Yes, but it wasn’t exclusive. After all, when I want to do something, I call the people I usually live with and hang out with. It worked because there is a coherence and a style to the making of the music. in more than two (1994) had style from start to finish.

Q: Are there still aspects of “progress” and “let’s say” that are not political?

R was found. I don’t feel like there are aspects, there is simply no mix. But I really like Rocío Jurado and I have nothing to do with it. I would like to perform half of the songs that Manuel Alejandro did.

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s. Your first album was buzzing with traditional Asturian music. Now, that is back with artists like fellow countryman Rodrigo Cuevas.

R was found. And the record made by Rosalyn, matrix. I texted him: “olé, your pussy & rdquor;. It has happened a lot to throw old furniture and put it in Formica, which is cleaner. It bothers me a lot

Q: From the left, the co-official status of the Asturian language is claimed. are you in favor

R was found. Asturian language is used by parties at election time to throw it over their heads, but there is no real social demand. It is not like Catalonia or Galicia. Historically, there is very little literature in the Asturian language, and what is spoken is amistado, Mix. This is what we talked about at home.

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P. Serrat left the stage. Notice to boaters?

R was found. Juanito’s concerts were great and you feel sorry for them. Even if it is just a matter of teaching those who come after how to get things done, it seems there can even be someone who knows when. But when I leave him, I leave him and go home. I will not announce anything.

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