Vegetarian Nights | Main altar by Anni B Sweet and Los Estanques

Delivered in body and soul, like monks in blue performing a ritual of rock from which it is not possible to escape unscathed, they anointed themselves this Tuesday on the main altar of Las Noches del Botánico Anni B Sweet and The PondsAnd Who presented on this stage for the second time acclaimed A relaxing bubble and an unexpected elephant.

It was put on stage like a gospel choir who knows if to summon a genie, which no doubt appeared, it was announced from the start that this would be a private party: It’s going to be a night to remember, a voiceover was announced just before it started because, for the first time, there’s a concert at the festival Vegetarian nights which has been held in Madrid since 2016, it would have been recorded.

They did not open the festival, the course, which takes place in the Royal Botanical Garden of Alfonso XIII of the Complutense University of Madrid, and prides itself on taking care of the environment and the sound of those who pass through its tables, began on June 7 with two nights starring Bob Dylan and until the closing of Damien Rice on July 30, will present concerts Very particular of genres like pop rock, indie, jazz and other popular music.

one of Anni B Sweet and The Ponds It wasn’t a premiere either: the album is just over a year old and they’ve played it on stages all over Spain all this time. Perhaps that is why the stands – although the track was – were not filled. However, there were still people in the audience who said they hadn’t been able to see it before. Who cares: Public frenzy has erupted since the group and their guests began playing. They did it without surprises, following the order they gave to organize this particular collaboration since they took it to the stage: the album runs from beginning to end, without interruption, without exchanging songs, without explanatory speeches between the topics, without saying “Goodnight” until the end. the liturgy they came to perform.

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to solve a problem vocal complexity It is recorded that this group was born from the union between Ana Lopez Rodriguez, known as Annie B Sweet and the Cantabrian group puddles – from the talent of Íñigo Bregel – described as progressive pop, with songs that stretch brilliantly and evoke sounds that take us back to the 70s, were accompanied in Madrid pentagonal series – who can hardly be distinguished-, prof Tri-wind and two show girls. a The mighty orchestra Which brought those present into ecstasy from the first songs. Anger and power in AnyDi You were shiningepic in Darkness will returnthe sweetness in the nose of Íñigo Bregel’s voice in it I’m not far either… All the moods present in the songs of this album are among the most important ones that were released in 2022 until they were completed and received with affection by the audience. “It’s hard to sing while this marvel is playing from behind. I’m also really excited,” admitted Annie, who had a hard time finding what to say amidst so much emotion.

new song

Briegel joked at the end of Songs On Comfortable bubble.. So they came up with a mission brand new song, And then it rang cannon fodder; where Bregel took on a clearer role as conductor, with moments of intimacy for strings and dialogue with brass.

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There was a time to remember Fourthly.the last album by Los Estanques before embarking on work with malagueña, was published in 2020. There was no turning back and with him, they said goodbye to the public who claimed that it was not enough, because they sing in Tu pelo de flores, and that he wanted more.

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So they went out, in airy blue shirts that the two singers were joking about, to make a final encore, which united Juramento and Have a Bon Voyage, both from Universo por estrenar, an album by Anni B Sweet published in 2019. And with this farewell song as the monks in blue said goodbye For love after a short period of glory.

What McEnroe hasn’t sung in 20 years

Veteran band Getxo McEnroe was responsible for the sunset escort at Complutense Gardens before Los Estanques and Anni B Sweet indulged in their psychedelic rituals. They did this by remembering their dismal rock being on stage for 20 years, with songs, specifically, they didn’t include on the tour to celebrate the band’s anniversary: Night fallsAnd stormsAnd Asphalt (Free the Animals) also Mundaka They looked fresh in Ricardo Lizon who admitted he decided to change his signature hat for a hat that in Mexico, he said, looks more harmonious than it did tonight in Madrid.

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