Vampire Survivors: The Independent Phenomenon Announces TV Adaptation

Independent developer Bunkel declares its success “Vampire survivorsIt will also become an animated series, for the time being without a distribution platform. The mod will be produced in collaboration with Story Kitchen, founded by John Wick writer and creator Derek Kolstad, which will highlight easy-to-miss story elements all for those who enjoy the game on Xbox or PC. “While we’ve been responsible for countless hours of lost productivity in Story Kitchen, we’re thrilled and honored to partner with Poncle to bring the gothic world created by Vampire Survivors to life in linear media.” With an easy-to-understand structure, the action title invites us to survive massive waves of enemies for 30 minutes.

Half an hour hero

During this time, the player must choose from a roster of heroes with different characteristics and unique passive abilities that attack automatically while fighting ever-growing hordes of monsters, aiming to survive as long as possible and collect experience points, which they invest in upgrades. Designed to increase the chances of survival in the next round.

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According to its author, Luca Galante, the title takes place in rural Italy in the year 2021. “There was an evil person named Biscote Draculó, whose evil magic created a world full of hunger and suffering. Now it is up to the Belpaese family members to end their reign of terror and put good food back on the table,” according to The official description of the game.

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Vampire survivors will continue to receive content

Although TV production has already been confirmed, Bunkel and Story Kitchen continue to search for a screenwriter just yet. Once they’ve identified the main guidelines, they’ll work to find interested TV networks and streaming platforms. While the brand expands into other media, the game will not stop making news on PC and Xbox. The most recent addition occurred last April, which is the date when the “Tides of the Foscari” content pack was published on Steam -on Xbox, and should debut in a short while-.

Vampire Survivors – Console launch trailer

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