Valtònyc controversial song before the election of 28m

He remembers saying, “Even God does not silence me.” Valtonic. The rapper re-emerged with a new song “Don’t Leave a Doll with a Head” on the eve of Sunday’s municipal and regional elections. The Mallorcan posted the thread demofastic systema Violent criticism of the political and social context Where there is no other shortage of political weight Juan Carlos I: “Snipers ready, take aim at the Bourbons,” they sing in collaboration with the artist via.

It’s been two years since Vatònyc has released any song. He has stated on several occasions that he only writes and sings for himself. However, Acros explicitly asked him about one about 28 million elections. Hence, the rapper focuses on political class From Brussels, where he had lived for five years, when he fled justice.

In this regard, he says he is “sick of Silly politicians And their siblings are changing yellow ties by KalashnikovFurther, charge against Ada Colao and specific formation. “Before we become PSC we have to become terrorists“.

in favor of the Catalans

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dart vs Honorary King It’s not new. The rapper has been highly critical of the royal family throughout his career. Actually, the topic Bourbon king It is part of more than 10 songs whose lyrics were sentenced to prison terms in 2018 for crimes glorifying terrorismAnd slander and gross insults to the crown prince.

he The judicial systemrise of far right and defend Catalan They also have a place at over four minutes long demofastic system.

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