Valeria Castro’s Notebook: We enter the den where she created her first album

there a house which can only be accessed by certain people. It’s not that it’s a place suitable only for the brave, but here you have to be topless. Don’t worry about the cold: although the stone is dark, the light filters through the curtains very easily. It has white walls and a turquoise core. It smells like the sea, bananas and lava. Every time someone steps in, empathy immediately takes over. And no matter how self-conscious one may be, a breeze is able to soothe any nerve that creeps in.

To go for it is to step into a box full of memories, images, seeds, hugs, and mldr; It’s a spitting image of its owner: Valeria Castro (La Palma, 1999) She built the perfect shelter for those who need to touch the ground. Its harmonies form the skeleton of this house of canary sage and volcanic marrow. Raw and sweet in equal parts. But always ready to heal. “I don’t want to write anything but warm songs. I make music to accompany people,” he says. Something that is evident as soon as you open the door.

Halfway between pop and folk music, the artist has created a unique universe. Where applause and silence are never devoid of emotion. He began making copies of La Oreja de Van Gogh, Vetusta Morla, and Jarabe de Palo Which social networks quickly collapsed. His glassy voice and ethereal gaze fell in love with a handful of souls eager for new attacks. This little nudge encouraged her to publish hits that had hitherto been far from indecent. And what I thought no one would understand ended up almost becoming a philosophy of life.

fight And blame They marked the first move he found little girl (2021), a meticulous songbook of six ballads that tickles the cheeks of audiences and critics. Almost without expecting it, the little places I used to play began to get crowded. Valeria’s success was told from heart to heart. It fired up so strong that anticipation for his debut album never stops growing: With love and care (2023) He’ll tear at our shell again on March 24th.

“Collect the emotion with which I do things. This is the only way I know not to hurt myself or those around me ” he affirms in the scene where the LP was born. EL PERIDICO DE ESPAÑA visits the studio where his stories took shape. In this room at Mapa Música, Valeria lit up the 11 pieces that make it up.It is bright and warm. On a red carpet, he modestly shows his remarks. She usually composes with her mobile phone, but later they end up in a notebook.

This perfection is one of his defining features. Like the thumbnails he uses to compile his messages. “There is no musician in my family, so the passion comes from education. When I was four years old, my parents decided to enroll me in a school to practice piano, guitar and singing. I like to think that from that moment on, I have an attachment to music that I hope never goes away,” He remembers. The responsibility with which he faced this face reassured those around him, who watched his footprints expectantly.

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Q: What role did La Palma play in your imagination?

R was found. It is the center of this album. I always keep my family in mind, our little house, the routine & mldr; This universe is necessary to keep your feet on the ground. The thing I often claim is live where I come from, not what comes. I grew up in a space surrounded by the sea. Until I was fourteen years old, I did not travel to the peninsula. This idiosyncrasy set me apart: I found many limitations that I’ve learned to value over time. Suddenly, I realized that what I had was already more than enough.

Q: Why did you start your career with covers?

R was found. Self-criticism. I’ve been composing since I was 15, but those songs were bad. And there is nothing wrong with assuming that. I was more addicted to those than the others. However, even though they weren’t mine, I tried to give them a twist. This was the beginning of how I wanted to express myself. And what, later, I turned it into my subjects. From the age of 18, I began to be proud of them. They represented me.

Q: Although you are 24 years old, your voice has matured quite well. Some people spend their entire careers looking for it without success.

R was found. I discovered it from others. And step by step, I was developing the seal that I later embodied. Since I met Silvia Perez Cruz, something in me has changed. Since then, I started following Silvana Estrada, Natalia Lafourcade, and Jorge Drexler. They were the ones who made me look at the root. For this reason, I am reclaiming elements of Canarian folklore. It comforts me to have them there to take them out whenever I want.

Alejandro Sanz rushes

Among the names he dared to use were Pereza, Rosario Flores, Andrés Calamaro & mldr; and Alejandro Sanz. In fact, the latter posted a tweet that kicked Valeria out: “When talent and sweetness meet, things like this happen. Keep your eyes on him.” Suddenly, a lump fell in this girl’s throat. A question he was slow to release: “It was amazing. Especially since it came from a singer who inspires me so much.” Such was the union that developed between the two author Broken heart She invited her to participate in a talk via Instagramwhere they also performed together How long. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral.

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This link put together different tracks, to the point of giving him the courage to edit his first songs. Months later, he came little girl “I would never say they are the best in the world because it would be a bit humble on my part, but I remember being very calm. Even I began to think that I would never be able to write anything new after them. Time taught me yes. And I was able to overcome this fear, which sometimes paralyzes me, he assures.

For her, authorship is synonymous with comfort. On an individual and social level. She is passionate about the world around her. And as such, he never stops looking from side to side in order to contribute. Always with a view of those who feel as strong as they breathe. Oh baby It’s a good example. “He crossed without anyone showing him a single map / He crossed without anyone saying a word to him” He picked up two verses. It’s a song that reflects migration with humanity that is sometimes rare.

“I wanted to give it another framework for people to reflect on. I know I write out of privilege and that I can’t tell the truth, but it worries me to put it on the grill,” asserts Valeria, who considers herself more messy than organized when it comes to creativity. He’s one of those. Who, from an idea, begins to pull a thread that never knows where it will lead. And so he encounters the melody and the words at the same time. He wants everything to be coherent with the moment when the magic happens: “I want to think it’s a motive … heartbeat & rdquo;.

s. fight It has become a feminist anthem. Who is it configured for?

R was found. To my mom and grandmother. They are the women who have guided me the most in life. To which I look forward every day to learn how to live. Those little steps you took I wanted to dedicate to them. It’s a very special song because of how it was passed down from its birth. Talk about an ongoing commitment to justifying your actions. To reveal the eyes that are watching us.

Q: There is still work to be done.

R was found. definitely. When I was young, we didn’t have many speakers. And though we have them now, we still have quite a few to use. I am proud to be a part of it. To be able to walk today, many women had to pave the way. And I, likewise, have a responsibility to continue to do so for the sake of those who come next.

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s. blame It accumulates over four million views on Spotify. Why do people communicate well with your message?

R was found. This song is about the need for forgiveness in order to move forward. It is one of the few romantic love songs in my repertoire. These types of stories are often taken to extremes, but I think there is a nice middle way.

volcano eruption

When she left La Palma, Valeria decided to head to Madrid. there Biotechnology degree started. Six cycles of this decision have already passed. Although he was about to finish it, he no longer saw it as Plan B. Music now occupies (almost) all of his expectations. “The title will always be there… when I take it out,” he says between laughs. However, that coveted distance has taken its toll on him at one time or another. The last one, during the Cumbre Vega eruption.

On September 19, 2021, a natural tragedy began, which lasted 85 nights and occupied 1,219 hectares of land. The lava engulfed 1,576 buildings and affected 7,000 residents. “It was hard. Now that I’m more or less digesting it, I process it normally.” I was away and it affected me. I wanted to be with mine. My house was facing the volcano. And my grandmother, on the lava road. he took her & mldr; I had a bad time, however I tried to squeeze the best juice possible& rdquo;. in With love and carethere is a theme dedicated to the opposite snatch some tears.

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There are thousands of brave people suffering from their wounds. There is a desire for a future in which the sky is not so dark. sing in it househe The poem he intends to take care of his beautiful island. “They fixated on us for a few weeks, but they forgot about us again,” he asserts. Meanwhile, you keep sowing love until life sprouts again. On his first LP, There are many signs of hope. Not just geographical, but also personal: a hug rootheat what I feelAnd claw usuallymood Little This symbolism goes beyond the ropes. You can sense words, pictures, colors and situations. What makes it more unique A project aimed at pampering seams.

He concludes: “I like to pretend tenderness ” there is no doubt: Valeria’s art retains that condition which is difficult to locate today. That is why when his music touches you, it is difficult to let go. His house is a vine that tightens punishment and covers the back. pulleys that flutters around its chambers mingling effortlessly with flavour scratches. Almalmsi’s notes permeate every last pore. On this shore of life, everything turns into a feat: Even feel the skin hurts.

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