Valencia CF: Javi Guerra continues as before the holiday

hJust three months ago A deck of cards upgrade to Javi Guerra of the first team Valencia Amidst a very worrying sporting crisis he already looks like a veteran. With 8 behind him – if not final, then almost – the midfielder Gilet He used to play with water around his neck, and gave the ceremony in the second part of the friendly match Nottingham Forest. Not only because of the goal, but also because he knew how to interpret his role as a back-and-forth line player with the physical demands that the coach makes of his players, but also with the necessary technical display of knowing what to do with the ball at his feet.

Understandably, a team’s first pre-season friendly, behind closed doors, in the middle of the afternoon and in the midst of a heat wave, is not particularly inviting. But there are always interesting aspects that are part of building a game plan. Above all, for a Valencia Who underwent a change of coach last season and lived in anguish until the last day to save himself.

A deck of cards He made it clear in his first match of the tournament he started from scratch that he wanted to try out the 1-4-4-2 (instead of the 1-4-3-3 he inherited from Gattuso) And pebelo – The only boost so far – should be a switch in the black and white scheme. Earth exlevantinista marked by company Ali Fadla young man from Ghana, who suffers from many physical conditions.

The technician from Valladolid also tried it Jess Vasquez Winger, a dual winger with both a defensive and offensive career. In fact, it was the left-back who had the best chance in the first half with a shot from inside the penalty area. For the rest, the black and white team was very combative, with high pressure complicating my players’ performances forest, with many less common footballers in their ranks. Yet it was mosques The one who had to save the afternoon better, showing the reflexes that always accompanied him.

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With the changes in the second part, the Valencia It was even more irritating for the English team, who didn’t seem to have a plan B in the face of the black-and-white intensity. In fact, I found a team A deck of cards 1-0, thanks to an accurate cross shot from Javi Guerra Within the area that benefited from a ball that bounced off the opponent.

There was only one moment when, with the changes, he gave the England side the sense that they could really trouble an area Rivero. but Valencia He recovered and was able to increase the score, which could have been anecdotal. But above all, he was able to keep the idea of ​​a challenging team game alive, which he intends to do A deck of cards for the next session. There is still a lot of preparation for the new season. But the staging does not deceive.

significant absences

Those who were there did a good job, with a special mention to the team in Part Two. But there were also notable absences from the game. Players who, with few exceptions, will be part of the same starting eleven starting last season. witty Cavani, Castillejo, Rasic, Smart, Marcus Under, Younes and Diakhaby They were removed from the call.

Technical sheet

Antonio Bouchadis Stadium. behind closed doors

Valencia 1: mosques; Folquier, Chrétien; Cinque, Guy; Fran Perez, Bibello, Ali Fadl, Jess Vasquez; Diego Lopez and Alberto Marr. Thierry, Paulista, Triga, Diego Moreno, Javi Guerra, Hugo Gonzalez, Javi Navarro, Martin Teigen, P. Gozelbes, Hugo Duro, Iranzo, Cuba Lin.

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trainer: Robin Baraga

Nottingham Forest, 0: Shelvey. Worrall, Mangala, Williams, Nyakati, Yeats, Freuler, McKenna, dos Santos, Bole, Oye Jo. Also played: Dräger, Koyat, Maiten, Gardner, Taylor, Aguilera, and Buller.

trainer: Steve Cooper

to rule: Fernandez Vidal (Valencia)

Objectives: 1-0 48′ Javi Guerracrosses to the right, and the ball that comes to him bounces off the opponent.

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