US intelligence agencies announce global threats

China will maintain its cooperation with Russia to continue trying to challenge the United States though international concerns US intelligence agencies said on Wednesday regarding the invasion of Ukraine.

“Despite the global backlash to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China will maintain its diplomatic, defense, economic and technological cooperation with Russia to continue its attempt Challenge AmericaAlthough this will limit public support, they said in a report issued on behalf of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which held its annual session on global threats to the security of the United States.

The report focused largely on threats from China and Russia, assessing that China will continue to use its military and other assets to intimidate its competitors in South China Sea And that it will be based on concrete actions from 2022, which could include more Taiwan Strait crossings or sending missiles over Taiwan.

It probably goes without saying that the People’s Republic of China, which is increasingly challenging the United States economically, technologically, politically, and militarily around the world, remains Our priority “He is unparalleled,” said Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, the top intelligence adviser to US President Joe Biden.

at the expense of the United States

To realize Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s vision of making China a great power on the world stage, the Chinese Communist Party is “increasingly convinced that it can only do so at the expense of of power and influence From the United States,” Haines said at the beginning of his appearance. “The next few years are crucial as strategic competition with China and Russia intensifies, particularly how the world will evolve and whether the rise of authoritarianism can be curbed and reversed,” he added.

The report indicated that Russia may not seek conflict with the United States and NATO, but the war in Ukraine carries “high risks” for that to happen, as there are “real possibility” That Russia’s military failures in Ukraine hurt Russian President Vladimir Putin, increasing the potential for escalation.

Haines described “War wear or tearin Ukraine, saying that US intelligence does not expect the Russian military to recover enough this year to make significant gains on the ground.

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