Urban clothing designed by two childhood friends who now wear Quevedo and Pique

more than 100,000 followers With an Instagram and an enviable catalog, urban clothing brand Fake Gods has become a phenomenon among young adults. Footballers like Pedri González, Gerard Piqué or Sergi Roberto, singers like Saiko or more recently the undisputed king of summer, Quevedoteamed up or wore the company’s clothing created by Mario Nunez with influencer Eric Ruiz.

success Fake gods It is understood, of course, for its wide range of blouses, T-shirts, polo shirts and accessories, but also for its excellent understanding of its target market: young people. A brand created by and for them with the aim of meeting their needs. Parties, collaborations, events, sweepstakes… Attracting attention on social networks has become, today, almost as essential as the quality of your product.

All this was well known to Eric Ruiz, an influencer and president of one of the clubs in League Kings Pique. Distinguish or die. That’s why he created the project in 2021 with his childhood friend and the company’s lead designer, Mario Nunez, and after several promotional campaigns they started selling 150 shirts in 30 minutes.

After this meteoric start, the company closed 2022 with revenues of more than half a million euros. In the current year, its founders state that they have received more than 15,000 orders, and have been able to sell out almost 20,000 productsand they set their sights on doubling the number and exceeding one million, in addition to expanding the business to other markets such as Portuguese, Italian or German.

Brand collaboration with singer Quevedo


They also have an opening in mind Various pop-upspop-up stores; A very present phenomenon in cities in recent years (especially after the pandemic) which consists of a basic online brand renting a site for a limited time to showcase their products and achieve synergies with the customer.

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