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One of the most important decisions when leaving the institute is to decide labor future. The decision of many is primarily focused on the undergraduate level. But this initiative that Thousands of young people are facing Still one of the hardest. Of all the options to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one is really right for you.

In addition, there are other factors that can determine your decision such as the cut-off degree, competition, university or subject of each degree. For all this, a study by the Ministry of Universities and the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities wanted to identify What are the university degrees in Spain and which ones have the best job prospects in our country.

Ranking of the races with the most starts

A study conducted by the National Institute of Statistics shows that graduates of all related studies Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, They are the ones with the best job prospects. This translates to all jobs in the science branch.

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The indicators taken into consideration for the preparation of this list are the enrollment ratio of its graduates in the fourth year to finish their studies, permanent contracts, the average subscription base, and the percentage of contracts in the graduate category. But more specifically, the two degrees with the highest rates of employment are career computing (96.3%) and degree in Medicine (95%), followed by the rest of engineering with 93.7%.

On the other hand, this same study also reveals what is scores with less favorable outcomes to find a job. In this category are degrees Arts and Humanities or Psychology. Which means that the jobs in the letters branch are the ones that have the least opportunities when it comes to entering the labor market.

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