Unions intend to “paralyze” France under Macron

Unions announce their project to “paralyze France” if the government Emmanuel Macron And she did not withdraw her project to reform the national pension system, against which hundreds of thousands of demonstrators mobilized on Thursday, across the country, with the “moral” support of the majority of the French people.

during the Fifth day of fightingSince mid-January, more than two hundred demonstrations and a series of strikes in the energy sector, public transport, railways, health, education and services have confirmed an indiscriminate, but deeply disruptive mobilization of daily life.

The strike on railways and public transport was perhaps less important than during the previous four days of struggle, but travel, the distribution of goods, the entrances and exits of the great cities, and the operation of essential services were greatly complicated.

Late Thursday afternoon, figures from the unions and the ministry confirmed the traditional divergence of assessments: “minor” for the government, “confirmation of a major social movement” for the unions. But all opinion polls confirm this Public opinion does not trust And he thinks badly of Emmanuel Macron, because he is a huge supporter of the protests.

According to the latest poll by the French Institute for Public Examination (IFOP, the oldest institute for social analysis in France), 72% of French people think “badly or very badly” about the reform project put forward by the Macron government. Negative opinions increased by 3% during the month and a half of the crisis. Far from the protests against the reform project, the issue is related to deep hostility and mistrust against the President of the Republic.

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relative violence

As usual, the demonstrations, which had been universally peaceful and calm, were finally filled with outbursts of relative violence: burning car, Urgent interventions by the state security forces confirm the perpetual crisis situation that the opposition from the left (extreme, socialist, communist, environmentalist) and the extreme right are at all times raising with relative success.

In the National Assembly (AN), the first chamber of the national parliament, the far right introduced a motion of censure. It won’t happen, but sow tension. the Jurists submitted thousands of amendments: It will not be discussed, but it will allow “guerrilla” cultivation. Macron’s resort to the Elysee, he could impose his project with exceptional resources, when the unions announce their project to “paralyze” France with “permanent” strikes at the beginning of March.

Macron has exceptionally scaled back his long-overdue reform ambitions. The main point of his “big” reform of the national pension system is to “force” retirement at 64 years old. To date, the retirement age ranges from 58/60 years. Unions consider this change “unbearable”.

Burying his project would be a politically devastating surrender to Macron. Defending and “imposing” it has become an unpredictable “war”.

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