Understanding Fashion – Stylist, History, Benefits, Characteristics, Developments, Factors, Experts

Understanding Fashion – Stylist, History, Benefits, Characteristics, Developments, Factors, Experts: When we talk about this one thing, the fastest responders and glances are, of course, women, especially teenagers, because they are usually the most dominant in following current trends. this is a teenager or youth.

Specifically, it can be said that fashion is a style of dress that is used every day by someone, be it in their daily life or during certain events with the aim of supporting their appearance.

Or the definition of Fashion is a style of dress that is popular in a culture or as a fashion. There are also those who argue that fashion is a style of dress that determines the appearance of an individual. The word fashion itself comes from English which can be interpreted as fashion, model, way of style or habit. Fashion is not only related to the style of dressing, but also relates to the style of accessories, cosmetics, hairstyles and others that can support one’s appearance.

Definition of Fashion Stylist
Although the profession as a fashion stylist is quite famous, in fact there are still many people who do not know its true meaning. The definition of fashion stylist is aimed at someone who works as a fashion designer. This field of work is indeed very promising, not only in terms of financial benefits but also popularity. Especially if the client is a famous figure or public figure. In Indonesia itself, there are many reliable young fashion stylists who have even gone international.

As a fashion stylist, the basic thing that you must master is everything related to fashion trends and their development. Because a professional stylist is required to be able to create a matching and beautiful appearance. For example, in making the concept of fashion design, starting from making patterns to choosing various colors, patterns and suitable accessories.
















Understanding Fashion According to Experts

As a term that is often intended to express the development of the times, the definition of fashion according to experts is also very diverse. Below are some theories and statements of experts regarding fashion.

Thomas Karlyle
According to Karlyle; “Clothing is a symbol of the soul. Clothing cannot be separated from the historical development of human life and culture. In other words, fashion can be interpreted as a social aspect that contains messages and also the way of life of certain individuals and communities that are part of social culture.

In addition, fashion can also show the identity of the wearer. Therefore, it is natural that many people are very concerned with the fashion they wear. Because this is considered to have an impact on their self-worth in public. This is certainly one of the reasons why fashion is very important in the development of human life.

Malcolm Barnard
Barnard stated that from an etymological point of view, the word fashion is closely related to a Latin word, namely factio which means “to make”. Therefore, fashion is an activity that is being carried out by someone. But now, it seems that there has been a narrowing of meaning. Because today fashion is more directed at a mode that is used by individuals or groups such as clothing and jewelry. Although actually fashion has a definition as a form, type, procedure or action.

Fashion History
Based on the history of its development, fashion is a symbol of the phase of cultural change in a group. In addition, fashion can also be a measure to determine social status and so on. At the beginning of 1000 AD, fashion in Europe was classically styled with characteristics such as oversized clothes. This is inseparable from the customs and culture of Europe at that time, which upholds the value of politeness.



















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