Ukrainians celebrate Christmas as an act of rebellion: ‘This is how we parted ways with Moscow’

It’s December 25th and Kyiv dawns with attempted snowfall. The car we are traveling in takes us to a remote place on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital. There are some young people acting “Para”, a Ukrainian show about birth. Normally this action is celebrated every January 7, Christmas Day according to the Julian calendar, but the circumstances are exceptional. War changes everything, even our way of celebrating life. In the middle of a giant garden is the theater group. There are fourteen of them and each of them represents a character. If there are credits at the end, Herod, Satan, or Death himself can be found, who in this case is holding a tin sickle. good over evil. light on dark. A scenario that every Ukrainian citizen has lived intimately in recent months. Ukrainians “support the slogan of separating ourselves from Moscow” Kateryna Chipora organizer of “Paragraph” Their Christmas carols catch all eyes in a crowded market nearby, as passers-by immortalize the moment. Because no, today is not the seventh of January. Katrina Chipora, organizer of the activity, tries to explain the date change: “This year is associated with the war,” she explains. She says that the Ukrainians “support the slogan of separating us from Moscow” and this is as good an occasion as any, she says. Related Roundup Yes Kyiv’s Epic Enter Christmas Pablo Ortega Norm No Christmas At War Ukraine: Zelensky Promises to ‘Liberate Ukrainians’ Putin Claims to Defend ‘Historic Russia’ c. Mongardin “It’s an opportunity to feel the volatility, a historical memory,” the girl reassures. As he explains, a little girl passes a hat to people to put a donation in. His goal is for the representation to raise money for a military unit to buy a new generator. Ukrainians represent the “Paragraph” on the outskirts of Kyiv Pablo Ortega Christmas carols and anti-aircraft alarms Katrina is ready for the group to achieve their goal They have raised 500 euros and need to double the amount They tour squares, gardens and markets They even sing inside the bus so that travelers search their pockets for coin to contribute to the cause Alarms sound, shelter What the Kyiv metro provides is a theater like any other for singing. Passengers running toward the carriages pause for a few seconds to make their contribution. A smiling soldier, photographed holding several military jackets. Alarms go off, but Christmas carols go up. Members of the theater group representing “Vertep” Pablo The Ortega War is unable to stop the Christmas stories that have been told in Ukraine for generations, although it has managed to change the dates.Or maybe it is the Ukrainians who want to send a direct message to the Kremlin. Christmas fell on 25 December as an act of rebellion.

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