Ukraine tightens siege on Kherson, while Russia denies ceding the city for loss

And this is not the first time that the withdrawal of Russian troops from the northern sector of the Kherson region, which includes the city of the same name and the area along the left bank of the Dnieper River, has been announced. But this time, Russian flags were lowered from some administrative buildings and Russian forces abandoned their positions in towns ChernobylStepanivka and Belosorka, located a few kilometers northwest of the city of Giresun, seemed to expect an imminent Russian withdrawal from the area.

The deputy head of the pro-Russian regional administration in Kherson, Kirill Strimozov, told Russian television that “it is very likely that Russian troops will withdraw to the left bank” of the Dnieper, although he did not specify the exact moment. Thus, the city of Kherson on the right bank is liberated from the occupation forces.

This morning, several Ukrainian media published photos of the building of the regional administration without the Russian flag actually. And the authorities set up by Moscow in Kherson said that the region’s government had already moved last week to the town of Goenishsk located 165 kilometers south of Kherson, almost on the border with Crimea.

“I am always with the people, and I understand that people should be the basis of my activity, because I myself am a resident of Kherson. Most likely, our units, our troops will go to the left part of the Kherson region. Those who did not have time,” Stremozov said in the Solovyov Live program. To move, they must leave as soon as possible.”

Correspondent of the Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda, Alexander Coates, Writing from Kherson, he confirmed the disappearance of Russian flags, not only from the building of the regional administration, but also from the Ushakov Naval Academy. At the same time, Striamosov posted a video on his Telegram channel showing the “crowded streets” of Kherson. Once again the residents were asked to leave. “There are difficult times and decisions ahead, but save your lives,” he warned.

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On October 18, the authorities of the Kherson region announced the evacuation of the city’s residents to the left bank of the Dnieper River in the face of the expected Ukrainian counterattack to regain their lands.

On October 28, the regional administration announced that it had finished evacuating residents from the area. At that time, the authorities reported 70,000 evacuees. On Wednesday, the pro-Russian leaders of Kherson decided to temporarily stop river traffic across the Dnieper. What so far there is no indication of the movements of Ukrainian troops in the city of Kherson.

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