Ukraine-Russia war, live the last minute

It’s been 313 days since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, but the conflict doesn’t seem to be abating. Putin started the year as it ended: attacking the country by sea, for the first time since the Caspian Sea due to the difficulty of doing so across the Black Sea, and by air, with another wave of missile and drone attacks, especially on Kyiv, which affected the electrical infrastructure and left part of the city in darkness. . For Zelensky, this attack is intended to demoralize his united forces in the face of fear of Putin “because he is losing the war.”


Russia is preparing to ban men under the age of 55 from leaving the country, according to Kyiv

The Director of Ukraine’s Military Intelligence said that Russia is preparing to prevent men under the age of 55 from leaving the national territory. An intention previously mentioned by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, as reported by the newspaper ‘Kyiv Independent’And the The maximum that can be achieved immediately: January 5th.


Ukraine announces the killing of 400 Russian soldiers in an attack on the occupied Donetsk region

Ukraine says it killed about 400 Russian soldiers in a missile attack in the occupied Donetsk region. The missile targeted a building in the city of Makivka, where Russian forces are believed to be stationed. The number has not been verified. The pro-Russian authorities acknowledged that there were casualties but did not confirm these figures.

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At least one person was killed in a new drone attack on Kyiv

At least one person was injuredThe military administration of the Ukrainian capital reported on Telegram, on Monday, about the new drone strikes that the Russian army launched tonight on the city of Kyiv and the region of the same name. It’s the second in 24 hours.


Russia says its long-range aircraft will take part in the war in Ukraine this year

On Monday, the Russian authorities confirmed that its long-range aviation will participate this year in the invasion of Ukraine, which was launched on February 24, 2022 by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Zelensky asserts that his loneliness contrasts with the Russian fear that he is “losing” the war

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, emphasized that Russia fears “because it is losing,” in his opinion, the war against Ukrainian forces, which has been going on for more than ten months since Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 ordered the invasion. “Our sense of unity, authenticity and life itself…all of this is in stark contrast to the fear that pervades Russia,” the Ukrainian leader said in the evening speech, which he has recorded every day since the conflict began. “They are afraid. You can feel it. And they are right to be afraid, because they are losing,” Zelensky stated, before emphasizing that “drones, missiles and anything else will not help them,” because the Ukrainian people are united. Ep Reports

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Russian bombings on New Year’s Eve left four dead and 50 wounded in Ukraine

Russian bombing in the hours before and after the end of the year left at least four dead and fifty injured in Ukraine, according to the country’s military, which said it had shot down Iranian-made drones that were participating in the attacks. According to local and regional authorities, the bombing took place in Kyiv and seven other regions in Ukraine.

Three people died between them 22-year-old girlIn the city of Khmelnitsky in the west of the country, and a fourth lost his life after Russian bombing in the Zaporizhia region in the south, according to the Ukrainian authorities.

Among the wounded are two Teens, 13 and 12 years oldwho lives in a village near the southern city of Kherson, which Ukrainian forces recaptured in November.


Russia continues its attack on Kyiv by bombing the energy infrastructure

On Sunday evening, the Ukrainian authorities denounced the new attacks by allegedly Israeli-made drones on the capital, Kyiv, and its environs. “The Air Defense Forces are working on targets,” Oleksiy Kuleba, a spokesman for the local authorities, noted, referring to an alleged attack. Drones in the Kyiv region. He added, “What is important now is to remain calm and stay in the shelters until the alarm sounds,” criticizing that “ Danger remains in the region.” The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, confirmed that there had been an explosion in the capital, which led to 19 years old injured who had to be hospitalized.

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Klitschko explained that “as a result of the night bombing of the capital, the energy infrastructure facilities were damaged.” “There is an emergency power outage in the city, and as a result, there are inactive heating supply facilities,” he explained, while reporting that the water supply is operating “normally.”

Twenty-two air targetsIt was shot down over the capital during the air attack alert,” added the Kyiv military department, which did not say how many drones were unreachable before they fell on the city,” Ep reports.

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