Ukraine-Russia live updates

Ukraine-Russia live updates: Putin ‘not yet ready to end war’ after talks with France and Germany; Russian forces advancing on Kyiv
Russia warns Western arms shipments are now “legitimate” military targets; Putin’s forces advance on the capital as fighting rages and besieged cities are bombarded; Ukraine says humanitarian corridors are being threatened by “constant shelling”.

Russian troops ‘stretched to their elastic limit’
Ukrainian officials have said that a third Russian Major General has been killed in the country.

It is thought around 20 Russian Major Generals are deployed in Ukraine.

A “Western official” was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying this could suggest Russian troops are “unable to make decisions of their own and lack situational awareness, or where they are fearful of moving forward, at which point more senior officers come forward to lead from the front”.

It is thought that Russia has lost between 5,000 and 6,000 soldiers – Ukraine says the number is more than 12,000 while Russia has confirmed 500 losses.

Air Marshal Edward Stringer told Sky News: “Major Generals don’t normally get that close to the front.

“If they do, something is going very badly wrong.

“I think…it’s showing that Russia’s military is stretched to its elastic limit in Ukraine and to try and salvage something from this, the generals are at the front essentially whipping the troops for one last effort.

“If you’ve lost three generals and you’re claiming you’ve only lost about 500 troops, something does not add up, and it suggests things are not going well militarily.”

Ukraine’s neighbours report drop in number of new refugee arrivals
Countries neighbouring Ukraine are reporting a dip in the number of refugees arriving, but some are also struggling to help them.

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR reported that nearly 2.6 million people had fled Ukraine as of Friday – more than half of them heading for Poland.

Poland’s Border Guard said 76,200 people arrived on Friday – a drop of 12% from the day before.

Police in Slovakia reported a similar dip in numbers, to 9,581 people, and arrivals to Romania dropped by 22% to 16,348, police said.

Wojciech Bakun is mayor of Przemysl, a Polish city of 60,000 near the Medyka border crossing.

He said the number of people arriving fell to around 18,000 over the past day from 23,000 the day before and peaks of more than 50,000.

He said he needed help to prepare accommodation for
2,000-3,000 people, adding: “I have the buildings but they need work, it would require between 10-20 million zloty (£1.7-3.5m).

“I can’t finance this from the municipal budget as we have other needs, it could be funds from the European Union or from the government,” he told Reuters news agency.

Warsaw’s mayor said on Friday that refugees now make up more than 10% of the city’s population (which was around 1.8 million before the Russian invasion of Ukraine).

Hungary has received more than 230,000 refugees, with 10,530
arrivals on Friday.

Romania reported 380,866.

Slovakia reported 185,660 arrivals, with most continuing their journey further west.

The western route often goes to the Czech Republic, where officials on Friday estimated the number of refugees at 200,000.

Rosatom said on Saturday that an external power supply is being restored to Chernobyl with the help of Russian specialists. It also said that activities to ensure safety are being carried out in coordination with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

There are 15 nuclear reactors at four power plants in Ukraine, plus the defunct Chernobyl plant.

The IAEA said on Friday that eight reactors are still operating, although there has been some damage to Zaporizhzhia, with problems delivering spare parts and repair personnel.

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