Ukraine attacks two power stations in the Russian region of Belgorod, causing fires and power outages

Several explosions caused by drones, apparently fired by Ukrainian forces, last morning destroyed two power plants in Russia’s Belgorod region bordering Ukraine. According to the Russian newspaper “Paza”, the attack set fire to “the Igomenka and Dragunskoye electric stations”. The fire, which the local authorities reported was likely to be extinguished after an hour and did not result in any injuries, resulted in the destruction of transformers and power outages.

Through social networks, Belgorod residents claimed that the electricity had run out and posted videos of the two stations on fire. According to Baza, the power outage was “partial,” and one of his sources, a local user, stated that “the light in my house flickered, but it didn’t completely go out.”

Soon after, the governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, called for calm and stated that “two fires were registered at civilian facilities. There were no victims. All operational services are on the ground, and the fire is being extinguished. At the moment, Kiev, as was the case until Now, Moscow has not denounced its responsibility for the attack either and is trying to downplay it.

Numerous air strikes

Since the start of the Russian invasion in February last year, the Belgorod region, where Ukrainians claim Russian forces are bombing Kharkov, has been the target of numerous airstrikes. This Sunday, before the incidents at the Igomenka and Dragunskoye power plants, Belgorod authorities reported two separate bombings of the cities of Novaya Tavolganka and Trezovka, both of which lie on the same border line with Ukraine.

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Just a week ago, on Monday, April 10, an explosive device hit the Shukhov airport in Belgorod. The Russian government downplayed the matter and did not attribute responsibility to anyone. Just before that, another drone crashes into a gas station. The region’s governor, like most Russian territorial entities bordering Ukraine, this year canceled memorial parades for Victory Day over Germany on May 9, fearing attacks. The event that will take place in Moscow’s Red Square, which is the main square and which President Vladimir Putin will attend, is still on.

Since the beginning of the war, many border towns have been bombed, not only in Belgorod, but also in Kursk and Bryansk. Hence the “terrorism alert” level was raised. At the beginning of this month, the governor of Bryansk said, Alexander Bogomazconfirmed that the bombing of the Ukrainian drones reached the headquarters of the Military Commissariat, where the Russians were recruited, they were going to hit the Bryansk delegations from the Ministries of Defense and the Interior.

At the end of February, Ukrainian drones most likely attacked six regions of Russia. One of the UFOs fell near Moscow, and the only one that caused significant damage started a fire at an oil depot in Tuapse, Krasnodar Territory. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombings, and according to Moscow, there were no injuries. After that, Belgorod and Bryansk were also affected, as reported by Gladkov and Bogomaz. Similarly, in the Republic of Adygoya, located next to Krasnodar near the Black Sea, an attack took place near the city of Novi. Adygoya’s president, Murat Kumpilov, spoke of “minor damage” to an agricultural building. Even in St. Petersburg, a drone paralyzed air traffic at Pulkovo airport.

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Drones, presumably Ukrainian, have attacked Russian air bases in recent months, both in Crimea and in the Ryazan region, very close to Moscow. Even some of the strategic bombers deployed at the Engels airfield near Saratov were damaged.

The Ukrainian military continues to avoid reporting such acts of war. But last month, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in Geneva that Washington had helped Ukraine with the drone strikes. In his opinion, the drone attacks in Kiev “would not have been possible without detailed and sophisticated US assistance to the Ukrainian military, including targeting, no doubt, the provision of information and technical assistance.”

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