Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Why Did Geek Fashion Become a Social Phenomenon?

Even the most loyal of the Grinch’s followers have fallen at their feet Ugly Bird Christmas Costumesalso known as Ugly Christmas SweatersWhich he wears since the beginning of November! Storefronts in shopping malls with Outfits full of frills, reindeer, candy canes, and snowmen. It’s a “necessity” in this magical time, like lighting, the lottery or El Almendro nougat, that always comes back to Christmas. until the F.C.B She recorded and released a capsule this year called “Christmas Barcelona”with two different proposals, for adults and children.

to list Imported Christmas traditionssuch as Santa Claus or Panettone, in the past decade has been enforced at family gatherings – especially at good night– and even at themed meetings in the office, that is It “looks” silly and funny. But how did this enter our lives? Tacky Christmas jumpers?

hunters outfit

Originally these jackets were used in Scandinavian countries. Hunters used them to shelter from the cold and they were so colorful that they could They can be seen more easily if they fall into the water.”A fashion psychologist explains Meritsil Palmis. “Later, they became popular in the United Kingdom and the United States,” he continues.

The founder of the “fashion concept store” Anonymous has believed in this for a long time We are acquiring, and in many cases replacing, our own traditions with those of Anglo-Saxon origin.which they strive to present globally through planned ‘marketing’ strategies, and gives an example Halloween or Thanksgivingwhich “already a lot of people are incorporating it into their celebrations”.

An ode to bad American taste

vitality arrived Pilar Pasamonte, Scientific Director of Fashion at IED Barcelona”,This plague is caused by the Americanization in which we liveThe trends expert compares this Christmas phenomenon to other arrivals from the other side of the Atlantic that, in addition to Halloween, also Black Friday. The parameter indicates another reason that is causing it Fashion swings nature. For many years only a few people in the world have said what is right and what is wrong in terms of taste: this is good, that is not… Now, on the other hand, everyone says, those who have no voice, now speak and everything In tune with the prevailing taste, bad taste directlywhich many brands have signed up for, which are doing the most sales,” he sums up.

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In this sense, Palmez remembers the words spoken by the sharp writer Fran Liebowitz “There is nothing quicker than a bad idea,” he once said, referring to the fact that “more and more Europeans are acquiring bad taste in American clothes.”

📌Here is the story of this Christmas invasion: What is the ugly Christmas sweater?

This dress It rarely comes out before or after December This can include “king size” decorations such as Pompoms, bells and even lightsusually from wool (but sometimes from another questionable fabric), and they are usually different Shades of red, white, green and blue (ideally not combined with each other) and with one or more typical holiday figures: a snowman, foil, tinsel, reindeer, garlands, candy canes … You can give it to yourself, but you can also drop it. Surprise in a typical friend unseen on these dates.

where do you come from?

All their lives, grandmothers have knitted knitted sweaters to give to their grandchildren. But the real story of Ugly Jumping Christmas begins in… USA and Canadaand returns to The fifties of the last centuryWhen Christmas left the warmth of the house and became an excellent season for business to flourish Storage section. More discreet in design and color, those then known as “Jingle Bell Jacket” -so the prototypes were called-, and it was also based on Repeat borders, snowflakes and reindeer. These clothes Festive (and less vulgar) It gained a following, especially among teenagers. It has also been adopted by some television personalities, such as singers Val Doonican s Andy Williams.

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What is your official day?

Television and movies have maintained a form that began to fade in the 1990s The first decade of the 2000s has come up again from his ashes. According to the “Bible” “The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book,” the The first official Ugly Christmas party was held in Canada in 2002.. It happened at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, says Brian Miller, co-author and founder of Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch They were promoters of that Conclave, which still stands, because “people started to see the funny side of the dress, which The mistletoe has become for new generationsThe idea has spread to the US as well. Since 2011, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is celebrated every third Friday in December. (This year it falls on the 17th). In this case, it was a group of students from the University of San Diego who opened up a page with the most outrageous outfits, and they subscribed to the idea of ​​a celebrity on TV.

‘Atrezzo’ from the ‘sitcom’ and comedy

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Pop culture in the ’80s exploded like a cluster bomb. And when it comes to Christmas fashion, he’s given a new lease on “ugly” sweaters. They became really popular “Props” in “sit-coms” and crazy comedies. One of his parents was a comedian Bill Cosby (today, villainous TV personality, convicted of sexual assault), who dressed up on his show The Bill Cosby Show (1984 – 1992) Chunky hard to look at sweaters. Also contribute Chevy ChaseIn films such as Help, it’s Christmas (1989). And much later, in 2001, as the romantic comedy Bridget Jones’ Diary (Anthology of the scene that Mark Darcy / Colin Firth turns to welcome Bridget / Renée Zellwegershowing a bird with a giant red-nosed reindeer).

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Fashion has arrived: luxury and “low cost”

Tacky jacket party It hit the catwalks in 2007, by Stella McCartney, who launched an alpine jumper dress emblazoned with mesh and a polar bear as a centerpiece. Soon after, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton They have turned tacky into classy. Fast, “low cost” chains (ZaraLefties, H&M, Primark, English court) launched themselves for this delicious cake, filling their shop windows with it Increasingly “kitsch” designs. Many celebrities have already started this new Christmas tradition, like Taylor SwiftAnd the Kanye WestAnd the Rihanna…and even the anchor Jimmy Fallon The space has been celebrating “12 Days of Christmas Sweaters” for over a decade, with the public showing off her craziest designs.

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