UEFA Europa League: The real ‘Sharif’ is David Silva

Yesterday, David Silva was the real honorable man From the match played by Real Sociedad In Moldova, by leading the victory of txuriurdin with a great goal And some additional details about the quality that, fortunately, he never tired of showing up on the football pitches.

Looks like David Silva has been called up to enter the tournaments From Emmanol Al Jawasel and after a break, where the technicians brought with him a special plan to prevent his injury, with all the ensuing consequences, But he was finally in the starting team of Oriotarra was observed.

One of the Arguinegun, as usual, was the main generator of the offensive game of the real team, and participated in two good combinations Very close to scoring from a direct free kick That was grazing the left cross of the local goalkeeper.

David Silva saw how he was denied another day His first goal this seasonbut it was about to equalize Soon after the second partculminating in an impressive team play by Emmanol’s men with a left-footed shot that entered almost from a right angle.

Replaced after receiving violent interference

had the first goal In this session, the Fifth in his stage in San Sebastianhaving had two campaigns in each of the previous two, so in this third campaign, which should be seen if it’s the last in his career, he’s in a position to improve on this mark.

The great goal canary And some quality procedures which he left on the grounds of Stadionul Zimbru in Chisinau, the kind that football fans love, I paid them for a tough entrance This made him lie down for a few minutes and finally I took him to the benchAnd Carlos Fernandez entered his place.

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On day 21 he left the game a little limp, so Real Madrid will be fully aware of its development Today and tomorrow, in order to be able to count on him again in a very important match that Real Madrid will play Sundaywhen you return to the League with Villarreal arrives in Anoeta.

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