UEFA Europa League: Austrian Lechner and Hungarian Bognar, referees for Betis and Real Sociedad

And theAustrian Harald Lechner Hungary Tamas Bognar They are appointed to guide the parties Ludogorets Betis s Ammonia – Royal Societyrespectively, on the fifth day of European League.

Lechner, who is 40 and has been an international since 2010, will help him on the wings Andreas Heidenreich s Maximilian Kolbachthe fourth official will be Markus Hammeter and in VAR The Germans will be Soren Storks s Christian Gettleman.

Bognar, 43 years old and international since 2009, after Balazs Buzas s Peter Cobor as line referee, with Balazs Berke as fourth referee and will be in VAR on the poles Pewter Lasik s Bowl Biscuits.

On the other hand, the Spaniards Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez s Juan Martinez Munoaira He will be responsible for judging the video in Ferencvaros Mnako.

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