UEFA Champions League: “Old” De Bruyne loses his aura at City: “Maybe not at my best level…”

I don’t think he played a great game. I don’t know why they gave me the cup, maybe because of the name.Kevin De Bruyne hallucinated after being awarded the “Best Player” in Belgium’s debut in Qatar 2022. It was not his World Cup, nor was the “Red Devils” Cup.

De Bruyne: “We have no complaints about Haaland’s performance”

The problem, in city code, is that “KDB” is never the same again. He is still the player who has distributed the most assists (12). And what are the main countries (76) that are distributed from the prime minister, But its performance was noticeably affected.And that Guardiola tried to dose him: lost the first leg against Leipzig (1-1) due to illness and He started four games off the bench. Moreover, in two of them,Tottenham (4-2) and Bournemouth (1-4),Minutes ran out.

“It’s been a tough season for everyone, including me, for many reasons, including the World Cup. I’m not going to find out now how good De Bruyne is. He has an incredible ability to score and pass”, Guardiola asserted, trying to “throw his mantle on”, but the City boss gave him a little “slap on the wrist”.‘: “I have a belief that your stats will increase and improve when you make things easier and simpler. If you succeed, the rest will follow.”

I think De Bruyne’s stats will improve when he makes things easier and simpler. If he succeeds, the rest will come by itself.

Kevin DeBruine

Haaland’s arrival has taken him out of ‘focus’ and Their numbers (see attached table) have declined after the World Cup. The former player moved from Genk, Wolfsburg and Chelsea to Average goals lower (0.17 vs. 0.09), Fewer passes (0.66 vs. 0.27), Generate fewer opportunities (3.1 vs. 2.8), shooting less (2.3 vs. 2.09) Complete fewer dribbles (1.16 vs. 1.09) per match. At the global level, there is an even more surprising fact. Before the World Cup, he had distributed 12 assists in 18 matches and now he has only three in 11 matches.

However, De Bruyne defends his characters: “I’ve been here for 8 years, I’m a big footballer and I know how it works. For me, it’s still the same. I may not be playing at my best level, but my performance is still good. The statistics are there. I’m the player who made the most passes and created the most chances In the premier though I haven’t played four or five games.”

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I may not be playing at my best level, but my performance is still good. The statistics are there

Kevin DeBruine

“People expect me to score or assist in every game, but I think I’m playing well. Maybe I don’t make as many assists, but I don’t think I create fewer chances.” De Bruyne paid. On the other hand, against RB Leipzig, he hopes to regain his “aura”. The city needs it.

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