UEFA Champions League: Haaland shares his “magic potion” with which Real Madrid threatens: the secret of 48 goals with City?

Erling Halland Mark Su Goal 48 of the season in Manchester City drew 1-1 with Bayern Munich to certify Ranking “Citizens” to the semi-finals of the Champions Leaguein which They will face Real Madrid with a spirit of “vengeance”..

Haaland goal (0-1) in Bayern 1-1 Manchester City

A few days ago, Haaland shared with his more than 27.4 million Instagram followers three photos in which he appeared with bottles, presumably of milk, along with the message: “Me and my magic potion”.

“Haaland often has a mixture of milk, kale and spinach in training.”

Source consulted by the newspaper ‘the sun’ He revealed that “Haaland often uses shakes in training, which are a mixture of milk, kale and spinach.”

He explained in the English tabloid newspaper, “Haaland consumes all the vegetables that most people hate and eats them, one way or another, because he knows that they are good for him.”

In the Haaland’s strict diet does not lack shells (particularly liver and hearts) to gain energy And even enjoy a game of lasaa before playing games.

Haaland eats about 6,000 calories a day.

I eat heart and liver


“You guys don’t eat this, but I worry about taking care of my body. I think eating quality food that’s as local as possible is the most important thing. People say meat sucks, but… whichever it is” the meat you buy from McDonald’s, or the local cow you eat Grass there, I eat heart and liver,” Haaland explained in “The Big Decision”.

Haaland’s father, milking the cows: “Someone has to do the work so that others can enjoy”

Alfie HaalandErling’s father shared a photo on his Instagram account of him milking a cow: “Someone has to do the work so that other people can have fun… Erling Haaland agrees?”

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“Cheers,” Haaland replied to his father, who was also a Manchester City footballer, as he drank a glass of milk.

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