Two Lidl Furniture That Destroys Their Price

Lidl sweeps up with the latest modernity for the home. It is a bathroom cabinet with metal handles, a height-adjustable shelf for different storage spaces, and a modern design made of high-quality imitation oak.

The product has been rated “Pioneer” thanks to good customer reviews, which highlight how easy it is to assemble and how convenient it is.

This is Lidl folding table

Lidl has a file folding table Versatile and ideal in any room, especially for small rooms with a small footprint. In appearance, it is very similar to what is offered by Ikea as well, which is one of the most visited stores in terms of decor due to its many utensils available at low prices such as clothes rack, air purifier, cheapest under 40 euros, wardrobe costing under 20 euros.

Lidl folding table has the most competitive price: 119.99 EUR For 159 euros from Ikea. You can see in the photos how each table is, its differences and almost identical characteristics.

A novelty for decorating your home and utilizing every corner to gain space and organization is the new Lidl Folding Table with Drawers. Painted in white, it combines with any surface and has Accommodates four people.

Here are the characteristics of this versatile table that the German giant puts up for sale on its website and physical supermarkets:

  • 2 trays fold together or separately.

  • Sturdy construction with 4 easy-to-move drawers.

  • 1 practical shelf.

  • Max loading: 30kg.

Measures unfolded approximately 150 x 74 x 80 cm (L x W x D) and the board measures 80 x 60 cm. Weighs approximately 35 kilograms and includes tools, installation materials and instructions.

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