Two fans have been shot after a car rammed into a parking lot in Texas

A 25-year-old man has been taken into police custody after shooting two high school cheerleaders in the parking lot of a Texas shopping mall. After someone made the mistake of getting into an unknown vehicle After a night workout.

Police in Elgin, 25 miles east of Austin, said in a statement that the accused, Pedro Tello Rodriguez accused of “deadly conduct”, an offense punishable by two to ten years in prison or a fine that could reach $10,000, or about €9,100.

Elgin police forces revealed that “this is still an active investigation.” They also reported that officers were sent to the parking lot of the HEB shopping center around 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday after they were informed of a series of shots in the area. While there, they received another call about a shooting victim about two miles away and determined that the two incidents were related.

“Information indicates that an altercation took place in the HEB car park and several shots were fired at a vehicle,” police said. In addition, agents revealed that two people inside were infected. One of them was treated and released at the scene, while the other young woman, Payton Washington, struggled He was seriously injured and is still in hospital in critical condition.

For its part, Woodlands Elite Cheer Co. confirmed Inc., a competitive gymnastics and cheerleading company with several locations in Texas and other states, said on social media that “Four of our girls had a terrible accident while walking home from practice last night. We are asking for prayers for Peyton, Keuna, Heather and Sinises.”

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What happened in the parking lot?

Details of the incident began to emerge as eyewitnesses and sources close to the victims shared their testimonies on social media and with local media. However, local sources reported that The act was captured by surveillance footage of the parking lot though it has yet to be made public.

As for why the four cheerleaders are in the HEB parking lot, the girls use the parking lot as a meeting point when they make the round trip, roughly 580 kilometers, from Round Rock to Oak Ridge, to train several times a week, as revealed by ABC13.

Cheerleader Heather Roth said on her Instagram that she and three teammates arrived at the parking lot shortly after midnight. At that moment, Ruth opened the door of the car she thought was hers, but saw a man sitting in the passenger seat and quickly backed into her friend’s car. Afterwards, Roth said the man approached her car and she was rolling out her window to apologize when she started shooting.

at that moment, Roth and Washington were shot in the leg and back.. “Payton opened the door and started vomiting blood,” Roth said.

Among the witnesses to the serious incident, the HEB manager said he saw the suspect “shoot the car several times” before fleeing the area, according to an affidavit disclosed by ABC13.

For his part, one of the Woodlands coaches expressed through his Instagram account that Washington was exposed to it Multiple organs damaged, her spleen has been removed and she is expected to undergo further surgeries this week.

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Finally, the company wrote to a GoFundMe to pay for Washington’s medical expenses, revealing that she is “stable in the ICU though has a long road to recovery.”

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