Two children who were stabbed in Annecy (France) are now in serious condition

french president, Emmanuel Macron There was “positive” news on Friday about the health of children injured in a knife attack the day before in Annecy, while mystery swirled around the motives of the attacker, a Syrian refugee.

“The two little kids who were in critical condition are She is stable now and the doctors are optimistic.”reported Macron, who described the prognosis as “going in the right direction” for all those infected after visiting part of them in Grenoble Hospital.

The attack took place on the shores of the Lake Annecy resort, in French AlpsFrance was shocked, and this Friday many citizens deposited flowers in the children’s play area, where Abd al-Masih h. 31, stabbed children in their strollers the day before.

“Child abuse is the most atrocious act imaginable,” said the head of state, who traveled with his wife. Brigitte Macron to Annecy, where he had left the day before the attack Six injured, including four children between the ages of 22 and 36 months.

The four minors explained that “they were able to undergo surgery and are under constant medical observation.” Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne.

Investigators are now seeking to determine what prompted Abdel-Masih H., a Syrian citizen who was granted asylum in Sweden in 2013 and was to arrive in France at the end of 2022, to stab six people near Lake Annecy on Thursday morning.

After undergoing a psychological examination, Al-Adl extended his detention with the police Considering that his country is “compatible” with it. Had the medical examination found a lack of discrimination, the doctors would have taken care of the detainee.

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At the moment, the file Annecy Public Prosecutor’s Office Exclude an act with terrorist motives and that the offender, without a police record or psychiatric problems, acted under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

His ex-wife, with whom he has a three-year-old daughter, told AFP he had left Sweden Because he “could not obtain Swedish citizenship.” In November 2022, he applied for asylum in France and was rejected days before the attack, an “alarming coincidence,” according to him. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

And the attacker who carried a cross and shouted “in the name of Jesus Christ” during the attack, He suffered from “deep depression,” according to his mother, in which he lives United State. He added that the obvious refusal of citizenship, because he was in the Syrian army, “may have made him go crazy.”

Andrea Tortelli, a psychiatrist who specializes in the mental health of migrants, said the fragility of exile “increases psychological vulnerability”, warning against “disconcerting” migration and acts of violence, as this is “rare”.

He explained that “often they suffered violence or were exposed to violent situations such as conflicts”, “they experienced forced migration with its dangers” before “their arrival in Europe where they face an immigration policy that puts them in psychological difficulties”.

shock in France

Waiting for answers, dozens of Annecy citizens came, shedding tears, to place white flowers, stuffed animals, candles or messages of support in a small setting. a temporary memorial at the scene of the attack, Where the children returned to play after hours of drama.

Leo Gnasali, a 21-year-old commercial, came with his little brother to deposit a huge bouquet of flowers after a “hard night”. “We’re not ready” for events like this, the young man admitted emotionally, in this almost quiet town 140,000 people.

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He added, “I see myself here as a child, and playing in this garden, seeing him mourning today is very complicated.” A woman in her 60s, who did not want to be named, said, stressing Tangible “excitement” is in the air.

In addition to solidarity with the victims, the authorities praise the agents involved in their arrest and who, like Henry, a 24-year-old “lover of the cathedral,” tried to prevent the bloody attack.

“It was impossible to let someone who looked like a madman attack defenseless creatures (…) do what you can with what you have and I had a little backpack in front of me,” this young man, now nicknamed The Man, told BFMTV. Backpack Champion

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