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The process was fast. Elon Musk announced Sunday that “soon” we’ll be saying “goodbye to the Twitter brand” that will become X, the platform for everything an entrepreneur dreams of. And on Monday morning, Spanish time, the social network is headed by the new logo with the cross. As of this morning, the page with the new name,, should already be redirecting to Twitter. However, many users still find a page from GoDaddy, a domain sales service, announcing that the name is for sale.

Elon Musk’s account already has the new logo with a black background, indicating that it will become the company’s new color. X was also projected into the headquarters building of what is still Twitter in San Francisco. Along with cryptic messages from Musk, who has been tweeting nonstop all morning about his new name, the company’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, Gave some clues More change

The page where the domain is currently being redirected to

Musk’s intention is to turn the old Twitter into a platform that allows a lot of things: payments and messaging being the most important. “X is the future state of boundless interaction, focused on voice, video, messaging, and payment/banking, creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. Powered by AI [inteligencia artificial]It will connect us all in ways we’re just beginning to imagine,” Jacarino wrote in his letter. Musk keeps coming back to messages that laugh at change or suggest it doesn’t make any sense. It’s hard with Musk, like other times, to know what it was like to think about everything and what real impact it would have.

Both the name and the intent of converting Twitter into a super app It’s the old musk dreams. He’s had the idea for the name since the 20th century, when he named after himself start of payments, which ended up being swallowed up by Paypal. And since 2017, when Musk bought the domain back from Paypal, he intends to create something with that name. Also, even before he bought Twitter, his vision was to turn the platform that already had hundreds of millions of users into more than just an SMS page. The success of China’s WeChat, which allows payments and private and public messaging, was one of Musk’s obvious references. It’s hard to gauge whether the changes and instability of the platform since Musk’s acquisition will make it easier for its users to trust him with payments and other types of exchange, but that’s your bet. Of course, it is not clear how and when all these changes will be implemented.

This change affects the logo and the official name of the applicationsthough Musk has already changed the company’s name to X. The billionaire also announced the name change in an internal email to his staff on Sunday, according to a US journalist in Thread, a recently created Meta app to compete with Twitter that may have accelerated Musk’s intentions.

The problem of changing the name is not trivial. How many users will keep saying “watched it on X” instead of Twitter? What would tweets, retweets and retweets be called? Musk pretends it is called “x”, which in Spanish would be pronounced “Equis,” like the letter itself. How many people wouldn’t be amused by having an account with thousands of followers on X, a name traditionally associated with pornography? All of these challenges may seem minor to Musk, but his own battle against users is already beginning to get them to internalize the change.

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