Twitter is bringing back the blue flag for some personalities and companies

several Twitter accounts Personalities, companies and the media have recovered in the past few hours blue check mark They lost this week after Elon Musk’s decision to limit that badge to paid subscribers Blue Twitter.

Although the social network has not made any announcement in this regard, several accounts this Sunday have a large number of followers – apparently those who have More than a million followers– They were again wearing the blue badge, which until recently marked verified high-profile users.

When clicking on the brand, the message that appears is the same as in the case of users who have chosen to pay $8 per month for the service costs and indicates that the account in question is subscribed to Blue Twitter I submitted a phone number.

Several personalities from various fields have published messages in this regard explaining this They didn’t pay for Twitter Blue or give their phones away And after losing the blue mark, it reappeared without further explanation. “Despite the implication of clicking the blue badge that vaguely reappeared next to my name, I don’t pay the ‘honor’ price,” the actor wrote in a tweet. Ian McKellen.

“My blue tick has reappeared. I have nothing to do with it and I’m certainly not paying,” said the Nobel Prize winner in economics. Paul Krugmanto which Musk himself responded by superimposing an image of a crying toddler wearing a verified badge.

On Sunday, the blue badge appears to have returned for several users who lost it with more than a million followers, including inactive accounts of Several famous deceasedLike basketball player Kobe Bryant or chef and presenter Anthony Bourdain.

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Media accounts like string Fox News or agencies Reuters, AP, AFP or EFE, Who ran out of the blue badge, got it again on Sunday.

while, CNN, MSNBC or The New York Times – Some of the largest and often described as progressive media outlets in the US that have been the target of criticism from Musk – have worn the gold label identifying companies that have paid for verification on Twitter, an expensive service $1,000 per monthdespite the fact that they predicted they wouldn’t.

the sudden changes It was implemented by the social network after a small number of pre-verified users opted into Twitter Blue to keep the blue tick. This soon left the badge as a mere identifier for who pays Twitter and led many users to promote banning accounts with the brand, and in many cases Musk’s fans who defended his measures tooth and nail.

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The owner of the social network, who often uses his account to joke, said Thursday that he has personally started paying Twitter Blue subscriptions for three celebrities: the actor William Shatnerbasket ball player LeBron James and author King Stephen.

James and King had previously announced this They will not pay for the subscription service Twitter, which in addition to the blue tick offers other benefits such as the ability to edit your tweets and post content from Up to 10,000 characters And get the platform algorithm to push your messages.

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