twitch | Kids no longer want to be soccer players: This is how eBay turns everything it touches into gold

already famous Kings League, Evening of the Year (or How to Make the Most Diverse People Stay on a Saturday Night at Home to Watch Boxing), Ibainéfico, Balloon World Cup, Disaster Chefs, Campanadas with Ramón García and Anne Igartiburu, Great Twitch Award, Last Player Standing, Championship basketball 3×3 & mldr; And of course, KOI, the esports team that may be their most valuable treasure. Also big football events such as the broadcast of the Copa America or the presentation of Leo Messi as a new player in Paris Saint-Germain, an event that set the sports journalism sector on fire. And Hours and hours in front of the camera Practically daily. No matter how hard you try, it is It is almost impossible to remember everything you did Plains of eBay In the last years. The list is endless. This young Basque whose name is already known throughout Spain has made a place for himself in the list of the most influential people today. Not only is it a phenomenon in Spain, but it also moves audiences in Latin America. Some call him the “noble giant”, a nickname that gives an idea of ​​the image society has of him. And it may be precisely with these two words that part of the secret of his success is explained.

Although he now turns everything he touches into gold, this does not detract from the path he has taken. Because no one said it was easy. Not so many years ago, all Spanish children had the same prototype: handsome, rich and a football player. This ideal was personified by Fernando Torres, then Cristiano Ronaldo and later Gerard Pique, the same man who is currently his best business partner. among many others. Now, diversified hobbies and Not all role models are cut from the same cloth. This is where the Ibai phenomenon comes into play. But how did he manage to break this “glass ceiling” from a room in the Basque Country?

“He has something else. His manner of communication, his manner of expressing himself… He is an honest man who does not enter puddles and at the same time provides support to many people, “explains Adrián Suarez Mourinho, Master’s Professor in Multimedia Production Design at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), who attend students seeking to gain a foothold in the world of Broadcasting and, contrary to what some have claimed, Twitch It hasn’t shrunk yet pandemic. On the contrary: it remains a gold mine for youngsters looking to rub shoulders with Rubius, AuronPlay, or IlloJuan, largely because content monetization is easy. So much so that just 50 subscribers translates to around a hundred euros per month. At least, since there are several subscription models: 4.99, 9.99 and 24.99 € per month. The platform keeps a portion (half in most cases). “It’s a super powerful and interesting tool,” says Suarez Mourinho.

And that’s thanks in large part to content creators like Ibai, who bear the blame for the fact that Twitch has ceased to look like a platform that video game fans can tap almost exclusively on. He gave her another role, it turned out to be Versatile in entertainment. Originally he narrated video games, but he’s been able to adapt to do different things. Now he created the event, ”says Silvia Martínez, director of the Masters in Social Media, Strategy and Management at the Open University of Catalonia. In addition, she adds that it is definitely one of the most valuable jewels for the platform: “He experimented and helped unify. To make sure that On Twitch they will be happy, very happy to have it. And surely they would like to have more like-minded profiles.”

And not only that, but she also managed to create her own personality Bridging the generation gap. Although it’s hard for someone over 50 to tell from Willerex or Vegeta 777, it’s not uncommon for you to know more than eBay’s grandmother Janus. This is thanks to the fact that it creates show-stopping action that rivals even traditional television. His appearance at Puerta del Sol on the last night of the year with Ramón García and Anne Igartiburu is a good example of this. “next to, On traditional TV, they show parts of the events that eBay does. And if you didn’t know he did it, you’ll find out. Moreover, you can become a follower. It has this ability, and it transcends barriers because the conversation it generates carries over into other media. This is how other types of audience win,” says Silvia Martinez.

Continuous renewal

“Not a nice guy who was lucky. He shows.” Constantly new ideas and content. His account is very up-to-date because he’s been successful, but he hasn’t settled down and hasn’t stopped creating good stuff. It makes people addicted to themselves and always waiting for what eBay will do next, ”confirms Suarez Mourinho. Added to that is rudeness.He does not mind being challenged, being sarcastic and causing some controversy. Because we mustn’t forget that controversy is an element of success on the networks,” Martinez adds. But always in its proper measure, an extreme that eBay handles perfectly.” It’s escaping from that cancellation culture because it knew Play well with borders. Likewise, he knew how to use humor, which helps reduce the importance of what he says. On top of that, he laughs at himself and doesn’t mind acknowledging his limitations. “It downplays and doesn’t dramatize everything,” says Silvia Martinez.

Experts agree that it is ultimately a “perfect storm.” “Work, perseverance, talent, continuity and strategic vision… these are closely linked factors an effortwhich does not exactly match the frivolity that we see on social networks, where appearance wins over substance, ”confirms Judith Izquierdo, Professor of the Master’s Degree in Community Management at the School of Business and Innovation (IEBS), who will go one step further and highlights communication skills: “As well as his ability to understand his audience and maintain his tone and personality and his commitment to innovation in his style of narration and the closeness he shows.”

Exploit synergy

Ibai has also achieved something very complex: going from being the supporting actor to becoming the leading man. The sample is the “chatting quietly” section that he does periodically on his Twitch channel. Ester Expósito passed through itQuevedo EtanaBad Bunny, Ronaldinho, Pau GasolAnd Ed Sheeran… until Luis Enrique Martinez, who went home a few days after he was fired as national coach. It was the first (and last, at least for now) time he spoke publicly after the World Cup fiasco in Qatar, where Spain were eliminated in the Round of 16. Another goal for the national team for the sports press.

“Great characters accept being interviewed by creators because they know they are going to have a good time, and not seek to do harm,” says Suárez Mouriño. Silvia Martinez has a similar vision: “Its popularity is what makes it easier for other popular personalities to want to participate in his content. And it is easier for him to invite certain characters and bring them into his game. And also because they know that eBay It is not governed by traditional rules. And by the way, they will have a vision.”

“Candy” for brands

Brands strive for prestige at their events to link specifically to the “Ibai Brand”. Products as diverse as those offered by Grefusa, Infojobs, Pepsi, Fotocasa or Central Lechera Asturiana have already achieved this. “This is due to her ability to influence, the ROI — the return on investment in marketing — of her actions, and the weight of being associated with a strong personal brand,” says Izquierdo.

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“As a brand, you want to find someone to transcribe in order to sell your product, and that can only be achieved by trusting someone who has a large following. They need to have good engagement. In the case of Ibai, His speech is white, affectionate and healthy… This is very exciting for companies,” notes Suarez Mourinho.

Silvia Martinez knows it perfectly: “It’s candyIt looks like it hasn’t peaked yet.

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