TV show | Stop “Lucky Roulette” to surprise Jorge Fernandez

Jorge Fernández, with Joaquín Padilla, is a staple in the history of La Ruleta de la Suerte. Both have been betting on the program from the start and have generated a complicity between them that fills the space with special moments where contestants also enjoy. On several occasions, they monopolized messages on social networks for whatever reason, which set the program in trends.

Despite his longevity, he seems to lose neither his strength nor his familiar faces. Not in vain on the air for years. Although she has gone through various stages, what no one can deny is that she is successful among her audience. So much so that Antena 3 decided to keep it despite tough competition as Ya es Noon from Sonsoles Ónega.

Despite the fact that it is Joaquín Padilla, the leader of the band that broadcasts the breaks between plate and plate, on whom most of the attention is focused, Jorge Fernández does not go unnoticed. The presenter is very loved by the audience and today one of the contestants showed him to him. Lura He came to participate in La Roulette of Luck with a surprise under his arm that Fernandez did not expect. “In addition to playing drums and skating, I like to draw” said the contestant while teaching watercolor painting Where you can see the roulette wheel and other details. When I signed up for the program, I said, ‘I have to do something, and I drew this’., said Laura before giving it to the announcer. Jorge Fernandez replied: “How cute, he’s so cool & rdquor;

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The gift will not, in principle, be as delivered: “I wanted to get out of bankruptcies because no one wants to fall into bankruptcy, but roulette is what it is, it’s their nature.” Jorge Fernandez made a remark regarding his drawing, in which there was a slice of a million. “That’s not his nature. Let’s see if we can put in a millionth” commented between laughs.

During confinement, Antena 3 was unable to broadcast new chapters of La Ruleta de la Suerte. Although it was recorded early (in fact, several programs are produced every day to consume effort), the archive was not unlimited and Atresmedia had to start repeating programs that had already been broadcast. It is not in vain that we must take into account that this type of program requires the transfer of a lot of people (among technicians, writers, the public, workers and contestants), and that makes it impossible to do if you want to respect the isolation measures imposed by the State of Alarm decree that has been reinforced to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

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