Turkey bombed Syria and Iraq in response to the Istanbul attack, causing dozens of deaths

Turkish planes ran out on Sunday at least 25 bombings against Kurdish militia positions in northern Syria, which left dozens dead. Most of the victims were Kurdish militants from the Syrian Democratic Forces, allied with the Turkish Kurdish movement, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), but there were also deaths in the camps of government forces in Damascus in the areas of Al-Raqqa and Al-Hasakah.

Hours ago, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the start of operation Operation called “Claw-Sword”In retaliation for the terrorist attack that took place in the Istanbul Trade Center on November 13, which left six dead and 81 injured. Despite the fact that both the PKK and the Syrian Democratic Forces denied responsibility for the attack, the Turkish government claimed that Kurdish separatists were responsible for the attack, and they retaliated yesterday before they could prove it in court.

One of the ironies of this endless exchange of blows between Ankara and the Kurds beyond Turkey’s borders is the fact that the first focus of the attacks was the Raqqa region, the center of the Islamic State’s jihadist ‘caliphate’. Until 2014 they were expelled by Kurdish militias supported by the United States.

Erdogan’s Islamist regime, which is about to celebrate its twenty years in power in Turkey, has long taken the world by storm, and with this retaliatory operation it is challenging not only Washington – its NATO ally – but also Damascus. The civil war in Syria is known for its ‘stand-up’ moment, as Bashar al-Assad’s authorities gave their place to the semi-autonomous Kurdish regime in the north and east of the country, in a similar fashion to the pragmatic movement. Baghdad’s position with the Iraqi Kurds.

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Erdogan is not only far from doing the same with the large number of Kurds living in eastern Turkey, but he is looking on with horror. Kurdish autonomy process In neighboring countries, and seems ready to disable it even if it again causes a fire in the region.

Presidential election

On the other hand, the presidential elections are approaching, and the “Turkish Sultan” believes that he will be able to obtain a new mandate if he applies. A harsh correction to the Turkish separatists from the PKK, Although many doubts about the attack in Istanbul eight days ago have not yet been cleared up. For many, including Kurds, the PKK’s activism – a mixture of Marxism and nationalism – is a disgrace to the Kurdish cause, which has made great strides in autonomy.


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