Trump is asking his supporters to accompany him to Miami when he appears in court on Tuesday

In his first public appearance after being convicted of 37 counts of stealing confidential documents, Donald Trump One was introduced this Saturday a victim of political persecution against him and his supporters, showing that his opponents want his attempt to return to the White House to fail.

“They fired Witch hunting “After another, trying to stop our movement and frustrate the will of the American people,” Trump told a Republican convention in Georgia. “In the end, they didn’t come for me. They come for you.”

Trump, who is due to appear in court in Miami on Tuesday, accused the attorney general “ridiculous” and “unsubstantiated” In front of a crowd cheered him on. This strategy has worked for Trump, who remains the strong candidate to win the Republican nomination for president next year.

In fact, despite the seriousness of the accusations, they are supported by evidence presented by the prosecution on Friday, including pictures of boxes containing classified information. Common in bathrooms, dressing rooms, basements and storage roomsHowever, the majority of the Republican Party is closing ranks, realizing that Trump continues to retain majority support for the bases who vote in the primaries.

Trump has shown tremendous resilience in the face of all the scandals he has faced. Not the recordings in which he bragged about grabbing women for their parts, nor the pressure on Ukraine to obtain scandalous information about the Biden family in that country, nor the revelations of possible tax fraud for tax evasion, nor the accusations of abetting storming the CapitolHis recent conviction for sexual assault and defamation of a writer sank him in the primary, despite losing the popular vote in two general elections and in the last electoral collegiate count.

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He summoned his followers on Tuesday

Now, in the face of the most serious accusations, his advisers say the goal is to mobilize the grassroots, which is risky given that the crowd Trump called for a speech in front of the White House on Jan. 6, 2021, to protest alleged electoral fraud. It ended up storming the Capitol. On his social network Truth Social, Trump said before the speech: “see you on tuesday”What his followers consider a summons. Trump did the same before his statement to the New York court, but it did not resonate with his supporters. This Tuesday is the day the former president must appear in Miami court to answer initially on the 37 charges.

One of his staunchest supporters, Republican Carrie Lake, who lost the last gubernatorial election in Arizona on Friday, said Trump’s “persecution” could lead to “violence.” Lake added that he will fly to Miami on Tuesday to “support” Trump.

«If you want to reach President Trump, you have to consider everything. And 75 million other Americans like me,” Lake said, referring to the number of votes the former president won in the 2020 election. He gave the speech before a Republican convention in Georgia, before speaking at the same forum about Trump himself.

For their part, the Republicans on Capitol Hill, who have already anticipated this impeachment, will use their majority in the House of Representatives to Various committees investigated the alleged interference to the federal government and the White House in the judiciary, which, in their opinion, will explain the accusation. In addition, they are also investigating Hunter, Biden’s son, for his offshore work and suspicions of tax fraud.

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In general, Republican strategy consists of Discredit the plaintiffs and investigate the investigators. Democrats, for their part, accuse Republicans of spreading conspiracy theories with disastrous consequences. The former president faces serious legal risks under two indictments, one in Miami, one in New York, and possibly more, as prosecutors in Georgia and Washington, D.C., investigate his actions leading up to the Jan. 6 attack.

It is true that some Republicans, especially in the Senate, are keeping quiet about the allegations. Among the candidates in the primary, Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, has publicly criticized Trump as a “fraud”, “liar” and “criminal”.

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