Trump asks his followers to go out to protest to prevent him from being “arrested” next Tuesday

Former President of the United States Donald Trump announced, on Saturday, that he is convinced that he will be arrested next Tuesday as part of the investigation against him on charges of paying a bribe to pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford, known as Stormy Daniels.

And Trump confirmed through his social network, Truth Social, in a message in which he referred to an “illegal leak” without giving details of his origin, “They will arrest me on Tuesday.”

In keeping with traditional unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, the former president maintains that the Manhattan attorney general’s office under investigation is being funded by Hungarian investor George Soros, and is a regular target of criticism from ultra-nationalist movements like the one championed by Trump during his tenure.

alleged bribery

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has offered Trump the possibility to testify in this case of alleged bribery in which his attorney, Michael Cohen, was instrumental in awarding Clifford about $130,000 to conceal that he had alleged affairs with the man nearly 20 years earlier. . Years of administration erratically carried out through concealment in the accounts of the Trump Organization, The Trump Company, during the 2016 election campaign.

Trump’s former attorney met twice this week with prosecutors investigating the Clifford payment. Although Cohen did not disclose specific details, he was convinced Friday, in an interview with ABC, that there was at least plenty of evidence to charge the former president with a criminal offense. Something unprecedented in the country’s history.

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