Truck drivers and transport workers strike and the last minute of mobilization

The National Land Transport Defense Platform launched a new indefinite strike on Monday to break the law banning work at below cost rates, which no association of the National Road Transport Commission (CNTC) supports.


The National Police estimates that about 3,000 people took part in the demonstration in Madrid

First appreciation for participation in the demonstration called by the Platform for the Defense of the Transport Sector by the National Police, which runs the security apparatus as the march nears its end in La Castellana. The number of demonstrators is estimated at 3,000 people, as reported by several media outlets.


Employers of international road transport companies for road freight: “normality” at borders and ports

The International Road Transport Association (ASTIC), which includes the largest international freight and passenger road transport companies in Spain, has made a preliminary assessment of unemployment and, like other employers, has highlighted the « The absolute normal in the work of their companiesWhether in ports or centers
Logistics, comfort and refueling areas such as border crossings with France, Portugal and Morocco. Specifically, it has been frequent that normal life is “generalized” and that the program has, even, de-emphasized in Algeciras as well as in other points such as Bilbao, Valencia or Castellón. In that sense, they also mention it Mercamadrid, the free trade zone of Barcelona and Seville Merca . operates Like other days. In addition to maintaining the movement of incoming and outgoing goods by land to France (in both La Jonqueira, the Irun Bhobia and Hendaye border crossing), as well as towards Portugal (Galicia, Castilla, Leon, Extremadura and Andalusia) and Morocco.


Regular in logistic centers and communication methods according to the internal

The Ministry of the Interior conducted the first assessment of the situation from the coordination center headed by Minister of State for Security Rafael Perez. From Grand Marlasca County, “normality” was highlighted in nodes, logistics centers and communication routes Except for the tire fire in Algecirasas well as from Four tractor heads in Villascosa (Cantabria) s Some holes in Illescas (Toledo). Facts that are already being investigated. In this sense, from the inside, he also highlighted that the normal situation is maintained in the main logistics centers and markets, with the exception of MercaJerez due to the movement of some sit-ins.

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A demonstration of carriers at the port of Algeciras was canceled

It seems that the March scenario may not repeat itself. As ABC has learned, the march that was scheduled for 11 am, organized by the platform for the defense of the transport sector, did not have the expected effect, and in a letter sent to the government mandate in Cadiz, this organization finally decided not to focus.


The first accidents related to stopping tankers

The first incidents of strike in transport in Cantabria. The Civil Guard is investigating a fire involving four tractor heads, their trailers and three other trailers at a transport company in Villascosa. Radio Nacional reported that the fire started at dawn.


The Minister of Transport about the strike: “It is not possible to file a lawsuit over the price of damage to other sectors.”

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sanchez, stated today, in connection with the carrier strike that began this morning, that “It is not possible to sue for the price of harming other economic sectors and society as a whole.” He also expressed his “absolute” respect for the demonstration that is already roaming the streets of Madrid, although he made it clear that this strike Don’t do anything to relieve the deficit Which the sector was able to find in the application of the law.” In this sense, within an event organized by “El Español”, the work carried out within the representative body of the transport sector, the National Commission for Road Transport (CNTC) validated.


Pepe Alvarez, General Secretary of the UGT: “The strike of aircraft carriers is not based on objective reasons”

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The Secretary-General of the UGT, Pepe Alvarez, in an interview with Survimedia, denounced that the unlimited strike of transport companies, which began today, was “not supported by objective reasons”, and demanded that workers’ right to work be guaranteed. Paid carriers. In addition, he explained, we are faced with a “Shepherd’s Strike” It is not a strike and he showed his fear of a repeat of the problems and incidents of the strike that took place in March.


Thousands of carriers are already walking towards La Castellana

Several hundred carriers began marching from Atocha chanting “No more subsidies, we want solutions,” with various flags from Spain and other independent communities such as Extremadura. The main sign on the platform can be read “In order not to win, it is better to stop”, Various media reports. Paseo de la Infanta Isabel and Ronda de Atocha, where the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is based, are already closed to traffic.


Concentration of tankers began in Atocha (Madrid)

The launch of the national platform for the defense of the transport sector His focus will happen from Atocha (where the Ministry of Agriculture is headquartered) and its destination is Nuevos Ministerios, where many ministerial headquarters are located, such as Transport and Labor. The person in charge of mobility in the Madrid City Council has already warned through his Twitter account of Traffic interruption In the central places of the capital such as Cibeles, Paseo de Recoletos, Plaza Colón and la Castellana.


Fenadismer: normal arrival at the border and Markas

From the National Federation of Transport Associations in Spain (Fenadismer) they noted that access is still normal at the border, although there are “traffic jams” in Iran (Basque Country). They also highlight “absolutely normal and without incident”, including access to markets as well as to ports, although in some provinces they detected less circulation.


“Normal” operation in Merkabarna

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Mercabarna, the second largest wholesale market after Mercamadrid, Maintains “normal” operation on the first day of the unlimited strike of airlines He was summoned as of Monday 14 November across Spain to demand compliance with the agreements reached after the March strike. Mercabarna EP sources have reported that Trucks parked “every Monday” He denied the existence of media sit-ins or accidents at the entrances to the fence.


Cantabrian carriers distance themselves from catwalk strike

The Santander and Cantabria Employers’ Association of Road Freight Transport (Asemtrasan) voted in the assembly Don’t support the indefinite strikes called for by the tribune as of Monday To defend the freight transport sector. As sources from the association reported to Europa Press, the Asemtrasan Association, after consulting with its partners, decided not to support the cessation of activity, since, in its opinion, “there are no conditions at this time for a return to a state of conflict” like the one that occurred last March .


Vehicle carriers sector out of strike

Self-employed and small and medium-sized companies in the vehicle tanker sector linked to Transportave agreed at a meeting to suspend the start of a strike scheduled for Monday to analyze the various economic proposals they received from logistics operators in the sector.

Once conclusions are drawn on the various proposals, the sector will convene again in order to reactivate or permanently cancel these strikes, according to Spain’s National Federation of Transport Associations (Fenadismer) in a statement.


No collapse in the streets

Some morning photos were found in the parking lot of the Cívitas Metropolitano. Dozens of trucks are still parked around the Atlético de Madrid soccer stadium, but not their drivers who have already left for the center of the capital. According to Antena 3, it is not expected that they will collapse next Monday with their trucks, although they do not rule out that this will happen in the coming days if the government does not meet their demands.

Transport strike today, live: Truck drivers and tankers strike and the last minute of mobilization

Day 1 starts with “Normal”

The first day of the strike started normally in major logistics centers such as Mercabarna, Mercamadrid or Mercasevilla.

Sources from Mercabarna Europa Press have reported that the trucks are parked “every Monday” and that there are no sit-ins or media incidents at the entrances to the venue.


At the gates of Black Friday and Christmas

The stop in the Strip happens on sensitive dates, because we’re at the gates of Black Friday and Christmas. From the government, the platform was asked to reconsider and cancel the strike that “does not benefit anyone, neither within or outside the sector” and which was “unanimously” rejected by the vast majority of the transport and logistics sector, through distribution, through the agri-food chain industry, As well as by the majority of representatives of employers, unions and associations of self-employed workers.


Focus at 10.00 in the center of Madrid

This organization, which called for a march at 10:00 am on Monday at the Carlos V roundabout, in Atocha (Madrid), regrets that the Transportation Inspection Directorate intends to relieve any pressure on violators without attending to the carrier’s complaints.

It also asserts that two months after the entry into force of the law prohibiting drivers from unloading unloading works, retaliation cases against carriers that do not accept coercion to continue unloading their trucks have already begun.



On Monday, the indefinite strike of carriers called by the National Land Transportation Defense Platform for violating the law banning below-cost work begins. No major follow-up is planned by the union, as the stoppage is not supported by any association of the National Road Transport Commission (CNTC).

According to the platform, the Department of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda does not take measures to verify that shippers do not comply with the regulations approved in August. In fact, he continued to call for the strike after a meeting with representatives of the General Directorate of Land Transport last Thursday.

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