troubles | Have you heard of affective affective disorder? This is the sad feeling of being summer

If we think of either seasons We can be sad and in low spirits, I am sure most of them will answer that summer or in the fall, Since during this time occupy a light year Much less time in daylight hours. However, although the vast majority Which happens to him there is another kind Disorder for people who suffer from sadness and low spirits during the summer.

this feeling known b Seasonal affective Summer presents widely Same symptoms as winter.

Feeling sad in the summer

seems impossible, but if. A small percentage of the population feels sad during summer Although the time has come of the year in which the light is morebetter climate and temperature, plus It is usually associated with vacation and free time. It is a rare case.

These are typical symptoms for depressive disorders But his arrival coincides At the entrance to a new stationThis is why it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder because it is associated with weather changes: greater Exposure to sunlight and excessive heat, change sleep hours and mldr; As well as changing the routine in daily activities that can destabilization of biological systems.

Symptoms of the disorder

As with Other types of depressionthe person with the disorder Seasonal affective You may notice some of the following symptoms.

  • Humor changes.

  • negative thoughts.

  • Wear self-esteem when comparing yourself to others.

  • Lack of energy and motivation.

  • general fatigue.

  • Not being able to have fun.

  • Insomnia and lack of appetite.

  • Difficulty concentrating.

How do we deal with it

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dominated the environmental factors could be one of Keys to stop the onset of disorder. Some treatments may be:

  • Stay in air-conditioned or less humid areas.

  • Give yourself Cold shower or used Room darkening curtains May help improve mood.

this is normal I feel sad some days But if that Feeling frustrated It lasts for days, sleep patterns and appetite change It is important to call a professional.

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