Tricks and tips for cooking meat and not releasing too much water

If you are wondering: Because of Beef fillet Do they release water? Here you can find the answer. Many people believe that the liquid that meat releases when it is cooked is due to the poor quality of the product. It usually isn’t. This phenomenon can be due to various reasons.

Any organization must be taken into account The vast majority of mammals are made up of 70% water. cThe fresher and smaller the meat, the more water will accumulate in it between its fibres. This is due to the problem of the animal’s age, because the older the beef, the more difficulties it has in accumulating fluid. Such as affects the time spent cooking and eating fillets since the animal died, Because the fresher it is, the more liquid will build up. With the passage of days the meat loses its strength and becomes easier to eat after expelling part of the water.

Tips to avoid water

If it is a frozen product, it is important to leave the meat out of the refrigerator for six to eight hours before preparing it. It is not recommended to pass meat in water or open a tap to defrost it. Either way, you’ll prefer the meat to have more water at the time it’s cooked.

aBefore putting the meat into frying, it is suggested to remove some water and moisture with kitchen paper. A rotation is sufficient if the meat is no longer frozen. If the meat releases a lot of water, this indicates that the cut was fresh and young.

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Another important thing is Select the Pan Meat frying place, which should be large enough to accommodate all the product without excess And that he can get all the power of fire. If the meat is at a normal temperature, the fire and the oil will do their job of bringing the meat to the right point in a few seconds when it exceeds 60°C. It is suggested not to crush the meat too much and not to give it too many turns.

.’s best advice It is prepared once on each side, but for this both the fire and the pot must have previously reached a high temperature.. Regarding salt, it is suggested that if the meat is made up of several small pieces, then not to add too much salt to facilitate the natural water expulsion.

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