Treasury inspectors charge against tax collapse: ‘Tax system is ruined’

A tax on financial transactions, a tax on some digital services, a tax on single-use plastics, a tax on waste, fees on banks and electricity companies, a solidarity tax on large wealth … The representative assembly of the State Treasury Inspectors Group (IHE) directed this Thursday, At the opening session of the 32nd Congress, against a torrent of new financial regulations that have accumulated in recent years and warning of their devastating consequences for the fiscal framework: “The tax system has been destroyed,” said Jose Maria Pelaez, representative of the association and president of the association itself between 2004 and 2007. It is not a new complaint. The Inspectors have previously expressed their opinion on this matter on other occasions, and it may not have been so strong. Pelayes explained why he’s focusing on this specifically now: “We’ve seen a cataract from regulations that overlap with each other and that make it very difficult to even determine which ones are valid and which aren’t. We have a tax basket that doesn’t meet the basic principle of the tax system like stability.”

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