travel | The Seven Cities of Spain suit them that spring

We traverse Spain from one side to the other in search of the cities that best embody spring for us. Cities that display their magic in the form of flowersOf joy and desire to enjoy the good weather.

It’s time to Feel the scent of orange blossom, marvel at the shades of pink, red, yellow and orange And it strikes us with joy that only a season like this gives.

1. Cordoba and its famous patios

Visiting one of the most magical cities in Spain cannot be missing from the popular fantasy of spring. A city decorated with the magnificent flower festival “Patio de Córdoba”, Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

some The patios are of great beauty, distinguished by their decoration with an abundance of flowers Planted in flower beds and pots hanging on the walls, the highest wells and fountains adorn one of the cities with the most UNESCO declarations on the planet.

2- Madrid

The city of Madrid, inevitably, has to be in that ranking. and that is The famous Parque del Retiro is a real floral spectacle When spring comes: the famous rose garden, its crystal palace surrounded by beautiful flowers and hundreds of small fences where you can witness the amazing colors of the plants in all their splendor.

3- Barcelona

Barcelona is another destination we love for spring. Few things are as beautiful as the Sagrada Familia Framed among flowers of all kinds and of all colours. But also Park Güell, dyed in purple and orange that leaves us with one of the most beautiful pictures of the monument throughout the year.

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4. Valencia

The mediterranean coast is not an area of ​​heavy rainfall and mldr; But flowers and plants awaken with extraordinary euphoria in spring. A clear example of this is the city of Valencia, where, in addition to the beauty of its flowers, we can see the first kites flying in the sky.

Also remember! In spring and the Mediterranean, wonderful temperatures during the day and cool nights are guaranteed. Can we ask for more?

5. Oviedo

Oviedo is a city made for city wanderers. A place to walk slowly and live quietlya feeling that becomes especially plausible with the advent of spring.

Namely, the capital of Asturias is comfortable, elegant, beautiful and clean. Its pavements sparkle and lead us to let ourselves be carried away by the same pleasure of wandering without haste. Oviedo is a must in the spring.

6. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Easter is here and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has a lot to offer: in addition to the beauty of flowers, we also find Gastronomy is rich for all tastes and nature offers plans for the whole family.

7. Burgos

After the harsh winter months in Burgos, The arrival of spring is one of the most anticipated moments in the province. Live this season in Burgos as a moment of joy, sunny days, water and plenty of water.

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